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Wood Saw Machine is a very important category in the Manufacturing & Processing Machinery industry. A good Wood Saw Machine can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Wood Saw Machine available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Wood Saw Machine are made from various kinds of features such as Layout, Horizontal, Vertical, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Layout for example, you can find Horizontal Layout, Vertical Layout and more.

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Product Description HUAHUA HP280 heavy duty Woodworking machinery CNC Beam Saw Computer Panel Saw automatic wood cutting machine The key selling points of HUAHUA cnc panel saw HP280: 1.Two-finger clamp; 2.Scoring saw independent moving; 3.Automatic side aligner; 4.Press beam safety protection. 5.Saw carriage speed 0-120m/min; 6.Maximum cutting length is 2800mm,and maximum cutting thickness is120mm; 7.It can cut solid wood panel,solid wood finger joint panel,multilayer panel,MDF panel,particle panel,compact panel,circuit panel,aluminmum panel,calcium carbonate panel,acrylic panel,PS panel etc. Machine Details Machine Details Industrial PC Control System 1) Easy to operation, safety & reliable; 2) Which has complete operating hints and troubleshooting guide functions; 3) It's cutting plan can edit manually; can simulate or execute cutting plans; 4) Can compatible with bar code manage software or factory automation software. Pneumatic Clamping The industry-leading two-finger clamping structure is adopted, panel is clamped by air cylinder, before feeding, passing the roller conveyor to ensure the cutting accuracy without damaging panel surface. Saw Carriage Drive Servo Motor Equipped with 2kw servo motor, saw carrigae power reducer, gear reducer three-phase asynchronous motor, make sure high efficiency and stable cutting. Saw Carrige Main saw and scoring saw are lifted and lowered independently, sawing stroke can be automatically positioned according to different cutting thickness and width. standard 18.5kw main saw motor is equipped, saw blades fastly replace, which effectively reduces the burden on workers. Roller Conveyor Rollers assist the panel moving, protect surface of the panel and prevent scratching, heavy panel is easy to move too. More Details and Quick Quote Machine Parameters Machine Parameters Max. cutting length 2800mm Saw carrier driving motor power 2kw ( AC Sevro ) Max. cutting thickness 120mm Automatic feeding motor 2kw ( AC Sevro ) Main saw blade Φ380mm(option450mm) High-pressure blower motor 3kw+2.2kw Main saw shaft diameter Φ75mm Side aligner motor 0.25kw Main saw shaft rotation speed 4000rpm Total power 30.15kw Scoring saw blade diameter Φ200mm Automatic Feeding speed 85m/min Scoring saw shaft diameter Φ50mm Air pressure 5-7kg/cm² Scoring saw shaft rotation speed 5200rpm Worktable height 980mm Saw carriage forward speed 0-100m/min Net weight 5300kg Saw carriage backward speed 0-120m/min Machine size 6060*5240*2060mm Main saw motor power 18.5kw Air floating table quantity 3 scoring saw motor power 2.2kw Application Application Application: The electronic cutting saw has a wide range of uses. Because of its high rotation speed, the electronic cutting saw can be widely used in: precision casting of furniture factories, panel furniture industry, vehicle and ship manufacturing and other wood processing industries. Processing Material: Plexiglass, light guide plate, circuit board, large core board, MDF board, wood-based board, artificial stone, aluminum-plastic board, MDF board, MDF, flower board, ABS board, PVC board, PS board, PET board, Grating plate, artificial leather, synthetic stone, solid wood and other materials are used. It can also be used to cut hardboards such as gypsum board and laminate flooring. Customer Praise & Our Service Customer Praise & Our Service HUAHUA is a company that takes quality as the guide, professional pre-sales service and perfect after-sales service system to continue to provide customers with professional furniture production solutions. Pre-sales - Our professional sales staff will provide you with professional machine solutions and suggest

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