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High Quality Electrical Water Pump for SPA and Swimming Pool Pump Swimming pool water pump, is suitable for normal swimming pool filtering system, whichcan perform the best function, with high flow and high lift, the heavy duty high performance motor ensures quiet operation, which will not be easily overheated, all the components have the property, ensuring its durable lifespan, and it is the best choice for swimming pool installation. Anti-rust crust can stop water penetrating the engine. Enough power, high head,big flux and high efficient circulation. Smaller noise and run quietly. The pump cover bears high airtight preventing the leaking. The main part of the pump is made of special plastic which is anti-high or low temperature so it is durable. Convenient to handle, easy to maintain, with the supplying of spare parts. Picture of HQ Water Pump Specification of HQ Water Pump Model Voltage Port Size (inch/mm) Pump Head (m) Flow (m3/h) Power (KW/HP) HQ-150 220V 2 63 18 29 1.1 1.5 HQ-200 220V 2 63 20 36 1.5 2 HQ-300 220V 2 63 21 39 2.2 3 HQ-300 3800V 2 63 22 40.5 2.6 3 HQ-350 3800V 2 63 23 49 3 3.5 HQ-400 3800V 2 63 4 Features of HQ Water Pump 1. Designed for medium head installation in medium pools or domestic pools 2. Anti-corrosive 3. Using import bearing 4. Extremely quiet 5. External heat sink to ensure normal working 6. Specially made Union or incorporate both metric and imperial measurement standard 7. Superior high and medium head performance 8. More efficient and dependable than any other pumps 9.Improved 1,1-1/2, 2HP flow 10.Anti spin-off impeller 11.Giant strainer basket 12.Stainless steel port reinforcement Use and Maintenance 1.You should make the pump working in the standard rotate speed in use process, don't speed up at will, in order to avoid potential safety hazard and impact the useful life of the pump. 2.Direct coupled type pump units:the chassis must remain stable, so as not to damage the coupling. Belt wheel type pump units:the two pulleys must be aligned, the belt loose or tighten must be moderate. If the pump doesn't turn, it is generally because the impeller-ring get rusty, you can use the mallet knocking the coupling axially.Pump mounting height(in order to suction the water tank as the base)should be less than the permit smoking on 1-2meter high vacuum. 3.You should stop the engine if you discover abnormalities(such as noise, shock, hydraulic discharge descend etc.),and attention the bearing heat up, the temperature can't exceed 75°C. If stop using for a long time, you should discharge the water in the pump, overhaul and oil, keep it in a dry and ventilate shade. In winter, you should discharge the water at once when you stop using it in case frost crack.After the pump every 1000 hours operating time, you should take down and clean the bearing, and exchange quick-wear parts. Our sevice 1. We provide you 100% guarantee product and service, one year warranty from the dispatched time. 2.Many years experiment for producing sand filter pump.we have been done many big projects and recognized by many companies. 3.Profession on Export: Authorized import & export licence, we have specific persons to manage this part. 4.Fast & Cheap Delivery: We have long term cooperation forwarder, who can deliver our product to every corner of the world with competitive freight. Company Information Company Overview: Guangzhou Fenlin Sauna Equipment Co., Ltd, established in 2005, professional in producing and selling sauna equipments, swimming pool equipments, SPA equipments and fountain equipments.etc. Striving in creating, quality and service for these years, we have possessed our o

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