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Vacuum Pump is a very important category in the Industrial Equipment & Components industry. A good Vacuum Pump can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Vacuum Pump available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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Working principle Roots vacuum pump is a kind of rotary positive-displacement type of pump. The two three-lobe rotors keep a certain gap with the housing, and the two rotors mesh with each other and keep a certain gap when they rotate in the housing through a pair of synchronous reverse rotation high-precision gears. The diagram on the right shows the structure principle of the pump, from diagram I to IV, the rotor rotates in the house and completes one suction and discharge process. The Roots vacuum pump with three-lobe rotors has technical advantages over the traditional two-lobe rotors in terms of pumping efficiency, maximum allowable differential pressure, temperature, vibration, noise and other major performances. Main features Compared with the traditional two-lobe Roots vacuum pump, there are below advantages: 1. Much higher efficiency, lower temperature, vibration and noise. 2. More stable and reliable, more convenient to use and maintain. Other features: 1. Lower failure due to the rotors are fixed and no axial run-out. 2. High-precision transmission gear and precision rolling bearing are used, resulting in low noise and smooth operation. 3. The main shaft use special mechanical seal to ensure oil-free pump chamber. 7. Mechanical seal, oil seal, piston ring labyrinth seal and other types of seal can be used for end cover. 8. It is used in pump combinations together with rotary vane vacuum pump, reciprocating pump, liquid ring pump, dry screw pump and other types of backing pumps to meet various process requirements. Applications The advantage of Roots vacuum pump is that it has large pumping efficiency even at low inlet pressure, but ordinary Roots vacuum pump can't be used alone, it must be used in pump combinations together with the backing pumps. The Roots vacuum pump can be started only after the pressure in the system is pumped to the allowable starting pressure of the Roots vacuum pump by the backing pump. According to different working pressure and process conditions, the backing pump of Roots vacuum pump can be rotary vane vacuum pump, liquid ring vacuum pump, dry screw vacuum pump and so on. The performance of Roots vacuum pumps are different when combination with different backing pumps. Roots vacuum pumps are mainly used in any vacuum system requiring large pumping speed and rough and medium vacuum (103-10-2Pa), such as: vacuum coating, vacuum welding furnace, vacuum heat treatment furnace, large space simulation test, microelectronics and integrated circuits, lamp and bulb manufacturing, laser manufacturing, vacuum packaging, centralized pumping system, various chemical processing, vacuum degassing vacuum deaeration, vacuum dehydration, vacuum freeze drying, vacuum distillation. Product Parameters Note: 1. The pumping speed refers to the maximum pumping speed measured at the inlet pressure of the Roots vacuum pump in the range of 67 pa to 2.67 pa under the conditions of the recommended backing pump. (see p Pumping speed diagram) 2. The ultimate pressure is the lowest value of the stable air partial pressure measured at the pump inlet with a compression vacuum gauge after full pumping without any additional container and no air inlet under the condition of the recommended backing pump. 3. The data of the above table is obtained under the condition of using the recommended backing pump, users can choose different backing vacuum pumps according to different situations, but the main performance index will be changed. Pressure diagram Dimension FAQ Q: What information should I offer for an inquiry? A: You can inquire based on the model directly, but it is always recommended that you contact us so that we can help you to check if the pump is the most appropriate for your
Zjt-70 70L/S Zj-70 1.5kw Tri-Lobe Roots Vacuum Pump

Zjt-70 70L/S Zj-70 1.5kw Tri-Lobe Roots Vacuum Pump

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