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Product Description What is MiC? MiC(Modular Integrated Construction) is an innovative construction method. By using MiC, the building is substantially completed off-site. This can reduce on-site construction processes and enhance site safety, hence achieving higher productivity. 1. Free-standing integrated modules (completed with finishes, fixtures and fittings) manufactured in a factory; 2. Modules transported to construction site; 3. Modules installed to form a building. Our Modular Integrated Construction system now can be built up to 40 stories. It can be applied to build school, apartment, hospital, dormitory, office building, etc. We have 3 series of MIC with different structure system, and they can be customized according to client's demand. 1. Steel MiC Each steel MiC module is formed of structural steel members as the main frame and RC slab as the floor system. The module frame and connections are designed to fulfill serviceability and ultimate limit states. 10-15 days production cycle per unit. 2. Concrete MiC The annual design production capacity of volumetric concrete MiC and non-volumetric components is up to 180,000 square meters.There are 10 productions lines in this plant which include: • Double 120 mixing stations; • QSPSC certificated laboratory; • Mobile distribution equipment; • Automatic steel processing lines; • Sewage treatment and dust collectors; 3. ALUMINUM MiC Each module is formed of aluminum structural members as the main frame and also the interior decoration and exterior claddings are made of aluminum. • 10 days production cycle per unit; • ≤ 4-storey height mobile house for residential, commercial or office space usage. Detailed Photos

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