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Product Description The flat-plate solar collector is the basic component of low-temperature heat utilization of solar energy. The flat-plate solar collector is mainly composed of a heat-absorbing plate, a transparent cover plate, an insulating layer and a shell. The heat sink structure is basically in the shape of a flat plate. When the flat-panel solar collector is working, the solar radiation passes through the transparent cover and is projected on the heat-absorbing plate, absorbed by the heat-absorbing plate and converted into heat energy, and then the heat is transferred to the heat-transfer medium in the heat-absorbing plate , to increase the temperature of the heat transfer medium, as the useful energy output of the collector. Product Parameters Structure Material Flat plate collector Absorber Surface treatment Black coating/Blue coating Welding laser welding Absorption rate ≥0.92 Emissivity ≤6% Heat absorbing plate specifications (mm) Thickness≥0.3mm Number and size of headers (mm) Φ22*0.6*2pcs Number and size of risers (mm) Φ8*0.5*9pcs Casing Frame size (mm) 2000*1250*80 Frame material and thickness 6063-T5 profile 1.0mm Border color Spray black or specify Lighting area 2.5m2 Heat sink area 2.35m2 Sealing method Neutral silicone sealant Cover cover material Low iron ultra-white cloth pattern tempered glass Cover size (mm) 3.2mm Cover light transmittance ≥92% Bottom plate Materials and Specifications Color coated board=0.35mm Insulation Insulation Materials Back insulation: glass wool, bulk density 35kg/m3, top surface covered with non-woven fabric; Side insulation: polyester cotton, bulk density 45kg/m3; other Maximum working pressure Working pressure 0.7MPa, pressing 1.2MPa Outlet four outlet Advantages The flat plate collector has no vacuum requirements, stable thermal performance, good integrity, and long service life of the collector. In the flat plate collector system, the water or working medium flows in the metal flow channel, and the anti-cold and thermal shock performance is strong The flat-plate collector can be installed in a compact or gapless manner. While producing hot water, it also has roof functions such as heat preservation, heat insulation, and shading, which provides the possibility to replace part of the roof structure. The flat plate collector can be designed flexibly, and the size can achieve better compatibility with the modulus of building materials and building structure The flat plate collector has good pressure bearing performance, which can make the system run stably Flat plate collectors generally do not produce overheating and are resistant to air exposure. Flat-plate collectors can be further improved in specific engineering applications to make them more integral, with greater advantages in terms of failure, life, and investment. Company Profile Since its establishment in 2002, Shandong Longguang Tianxu Solar Energy Co., Ltd (hereinafter referred to as "Tianxu") has always engaged itself in the R&D, production, sales and service of high borosilicate glass tubes and new energy products including solar water heaters, solar vacuum tubes, solar heat collecting project, air source heat pump, photovoltaic products, etc. Tianxu has 10 sets of electric furnaces, 70 sets of solar vacuum tube production line and 3 sets of solar water heater production lines. The annual output has reached one million tons of high borosilicate glass, over 16 million solar vacuum tubes makes Tianxu the largest manufacturing base of high borosilicate glass tubes and solar vacuum tubes. In 2015, Tianxu established a joint venture company with Beijing Tsinghua Solar Co., Ltd- the solar vacuum tube technology initiator in the world. The newly established company has the world's most advanced solar vacuum tube production lines. Packaging & Shipping Certifications

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