What is Solar Light

Solar Light is a very important category in the Lights & Lighting industry. A good Solar Light can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Solar Light available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

How to source & buy Solar Light

At made-in-china.com, Solar Light are made from various kinds of features such as Light Source, LED Lamp, Energy-saving Lamps, Sodium Lamp, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Light Source for example, you can find LED Lamp Light Source, Energy-saving Lamps Light Source and more.

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The Best Solar Light Products

Bluesmart as leading All-in-one Integrated Solar Street Light Manufacturer in China for years Offer High-Quality lamps for different Lighting Application & Projects 50w-180w All in One Solar LED Street Lamp Pattern Product Tailor Made For Street Light Project Original from Bluesmart. Smart Solar Swan light. Smart All in one / Integrated Solar Street Light. Perfect design with adjustable solar panel, Swan series solar street light, your best product to occupy the market. Say Goodbye to the seperate solar street light, realize the features of newest all in one solar street light Sell point (Advantage) Innovative all in one (integrated) design---we put solar panel, led lamp, li-ion battery, solar charge controller, motion sensor, all in to one unit, each solar light is a stand-alone All-in-One solar system. 360 adjustable solar panel---An adjustable bracket (angle) can tilt and turn to solar panel so it faces towards the sun ensure maximum efficiency of solar energy conversion. The fourth generation of sensing technology---Microwave Sensor Intelligent Adjustable Brightness, more accurate than PIR sensor, more energy-saving, more humanize. 4 intelligent working modes can be chosen by a hand-hold remoter. Easily switch between different lighting modes. Smart MPPT controller, automatically adjusts the output power to match variable weather and sunlight input conditions. Self-contained modular structure design, easy to maintain, battery can be easily replaced if need. 5mins for installation, low cost---no wiring, no digging, no debugging, easy to install, save your 80% cost of installation and labor fee. Wide Beam Angel Lens---patented light distribution lens significantly improves the light radiance and effectiveness. Lighting area is expanded by 40%, lighting uniformity is increased by 200%. Optional AC or DC input capability. Solar lights can be equipped with the optional electricity Hybird Controller, allowing the LEDs to run on either battery power or mains 'Gird Utility Power'. Battery design uniquely features many 'small' lithium iron battery packed into a 'dual' battery assembly that minimizes stress and heat during both discharging and charging cycles ensuring long term reliability. Using lithium LiFePO4 batteries. Offer 4 times higher discharge depth, 5 times higher cycle life, 4times more storage and power capacity. All die-casting aluminum light body, patent fly hawk style design, full seal design, can protect lamp from sand and water. The integrated heat sink design provides powerful radiation function, can make LED chip to keep working even in the summer of desert. Specifications: SWAN SERIES Specifications Model No BS-SW-60 BS-SW-80 Physical Parameters Mono PV Module Power 120W 150W Lithium Battery Capacity 21AH 25.6V 24AH 25.6V Micowave sensor Yes Yes Sensor Area 25m 25m Illumination(stand by) 30% 30% Delay time 10s 10s Control mode light control / time control / microwave control / time+microwave control charge time 6-8 hours driect sunshine discharge time 60h working time 4-5 consecutive rainy days Material of body aluminum alloy, die-casting aluminum Lifespan 50,000hours Light Parameters Light Output Factory Settings 60W 80W Luminous 9600-10800lm 12800-14400lm Optical Distribution wide beam lens Visual Angel 140x70 Color Temperature 3500K-6500K CRI 75RA Light Control Voltage 5V working time Bright Mode 14h 14h DIM Mode(30%) 60h 60h Enviroment Requirement Charge Temperature 0°C-60°C Discharge Temperature -20°C-60°C Storage Temperature -20°C-45°C Installation Suggest Height Recommended 7-8m 8-10m Installation Distance 27-31m 3

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