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Solar Energy System is a very important category in the Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy industry. A good Solar Energy System can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Solar Energy System available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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Tier 1 Solar Panel Uesd for 3kw on Grid Solar Energy Home System Our company has developed into one of the main suppliers of Solar Street Light, LED Lamp Head, LED Street lights, Solar PV, and Solar Power System. The solar systems are specifically designed for single phase 220V/230V home using . Output can be from 3KW to 11KW , it is connected to the electricity grid, no battery backup. Jinko JA longi trina Solar panels with 25 year warranty, growatt sungrow inverter is available. Solar bracket ,cable ,accessory one stop service. Product Description Specification Model ONPS-3KS ONPS-5KS ONPS-8KS ONPS-11KS System Vol. 220V230Vac 50/60Hz 220V230Vac 50/60Hz 220V230Vac 50/60Hz 220V230Vac 50/60Hz Solar Panel Max 3900Wp Max 6500Wp Max 10400Wp Max 14300Wp Inverter 1*3kw 1*5kw 1*8kw 1*11kw Bracket/Cable 1 kits 1 kits 1 kits 1 kits MPPT Voltage Range(V) 100-550 100-550 80-550 80-550 No.of MPPT 1 1 2 2 Max.Input Current(A) 12.5/12.5 12.5/12.5 15/30 15/30 Power Output 230Vac50/60Hz 3000W 230Vac50/60Hz 5000W 230Vac50/60Hz 8000W 230Vac50/60Hz 11000W Company Profile FAQ 1. What is a on grid? Basically, anyone connected to a utility company uses the grid. The grid is the network of wires provided by your utility company that connect you to their electrical system. Without the grid, you can't get regular electricity to your house or business. When the power goes out, can I use solar as a backup? It can be. Even with solar power, your house is still connected to the grid. When you produce more electricity than you use, the excess goes back through the grid, causing your meter to spin backwards. You can use the extra money later or get the money back from your utility company. In addition, you can use solar panels to charge the battery. This backup will provide you with power during a blackout. 2. Will my solar panels work without sunlight? Even on a cloudy day, your solar system can still draw energy. Depending on the cloud cover, your system can consume as much as 90 percent of the power, or as little as 10 percent. At night, you don't generate much electricity at all. 3. Can solar panels power my entire home? Yes. It depends on how much roof space your house has, how much electricity you use each month, and how much sunlight your house gets each year. Most homes in the Midwest have enough roof space to power the entire house, and more often than not, you can generate excess electricity that can be sold back or saved for later. If you have a south-facing roof line, it is often cheaper and more convenient to purchase a full-size solar system. But if you need to generate more power in a limited space, there are more efficient (and yes, expensive) modules available. It may not always be cost-effective, but being completely energy independent is pretty cool. If you need more information on how solar works, you can easily contact us for further discussion. 4. Will these panels break down over time? Like any outdoor equipment, they can break down over time. On average, most solar panels still work at about 80 percent efficiency after 25 years, so they have some staying power. Given that your system's payback averages less than a decade, your solar system will give you years of free and clear savings. All told, replacement costs are much lower than installing new solar panels. Most of the cost is in design and original installation. 5. How to maintain solar panels? You don't have to do much. The biggest problem is the dust, debris and leaves covering the panels, which reduces the amount of electricity generated. This is obviously a simple fix to keep the panel clear.

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