What is Solar Energy System

Solar Energy System is a very important category in the Metallurgy, Mineral & Energy industry. A good Solar Energy System can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Solar Energy System available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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Product Description Complete Off Grid Home Solar Systems Note: Product dimensions and physical appearance in this data sheet are nominal.Sunpal Power reserves the right to make the product changes from time to time,without prior notification, which may change the dimensions and/or physical appearance shown. System Configuration Mono Solar Panels ( Poly Optional) Peak Power Watts: 330W Maximum Power Voltage: 39V Maximum Power Current: 9.23A Open Circuit Voltage: 47.6V Short Circuit Current: 9.74A Dimensions:1960×992×40 mm (77.17×39.06×1.57 inches) Weight:22.5 kg (49.6 lb) MPPT Controller & Inverter * 1KW, 3KW, 5KW Off-grid/On-grid Hybrid Inverter * Output: Single Phase * 220/230/240V(L/N/PE Solar Battery * Battery would provide the stable DC power for Inverter DC Input * Deep Cycle Battery * GEL Type * 12V 250AH (3KWH/pc) * Battery Racket Customization PV Mounting System Mounting Rail & Rail Splice Kit: AI6005 & SUS304 Bolt. Mid & End Clamps: 35,40,45,50mm L Foot Asphalt Shingle Moount & Hanger Bolt Optional Cable Clip & Tie Optional Ground Clip & Lugs Optional DC Cable & MC4 Connector Cross Section: 4mm2, 6mm2 Optional Rated Voltage:600VDC(UL)/1000VDC(TUV) Rated Current: 55A,70A Colors: Black For STD, Red Optional. Packaging & Shipping Projects

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