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Battery Manufacturer Rechargeable Deep Cycle 3kwh 5kwh 7kwh 10kwh 15kwh ESS Energy Storage System Home Solar Power System Hybrid Integrated Energy Storage System How solar,battery,EV Charger integrated in a family to maximize the solar benefit?The clients do not need to suffer from the power outage and expensive electricity bill.Let's read on!!! What is all-in-one? The Allsparkpower lithium energy storage system for connect with solar system is a full integrated Batteries system - ready for connection. It includes all the parts built-in: inverter, lithium battery, controller, charger, management software. All in one handy box. No need to buy any other parts, just use directly. Easy to connecting with power source solar system or state grid. √ Integrated design, all the parts needed built-in. √ Plug and play. Easy connection outdoor and indoor. Connect with home load and solar panels directly. √ Mobile APP Software control. √ Not only a power storage station, but also a mobile backup UPS. √ 10 years Warranty. Allsparkpower can be charged by? * Solar * Grid Electricity * Generator Working Method: 1. When sun power is strong, solar electricity run the load first, the extra electricity power will store into our storage system at the same time, until it fulls. 2. When sun power is not enough for loads, the stored electricity will replenish first. 3. When solar no power generation, use the stored electricity to run the load. 4. Grid electricity is the last choice when no solar power no power storage. Where to use? 1. No power area, such as remote montain village or suburban of country. 2. Power outage area, where power volage is not stable always power failture. 3. High electricity price area, where your utility offers a time-of-use rate plan. Product Specifications: Applications: 1. Home Energy Storage for solar system 2. UPS backup power station 3. Outdoor Camping/Party 4. Tiny House power supply 5. EV Charging 6. Recreational Vehicle Power Supply 7. Power station for mobile charging 8. Outdoor Rescue Patent wall Packing&Shipping Company Introduction Hunan Boltpower New Energy Co, Ltd. is our rich aluminum lithium ions battery giga factory which is nearly 200,000 square meters, with total investment of 403 million USD. Its annual output is around 1,200,000,000 Ah high power of lithium ion battery cells which is widely used in car jump starter, energy storage power supply, UAV power supply,automotive start stop power supply, electric vehicles, power tools and other fields. We will have 17 automation production line, the total output can reach 913 million USD per year,and will create nearly 3,000 jobs in local city. Hunan Boltpower Storage Technologies Co, Ltd. is the holding subsidiary of Hunan Boltpower New Energy Co, Ltd, which locates in the Changsha national high technology industry park, focuses on home energy including home solar system, home battery system and home energy management system.

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