The Best Solar Collector Products

A single ETC-30 tube collector is ideal for residential households of 4-5 people, able to provide 60-80% of domestic hot water demand (depending on location). For commercial projects that demand a lot more hot water such as such as hotels, dormitories and car washes, multiple ETC-30 collectors can be connected to form a larger solar thermal array. Models & Parameters Features High strength evacuated tube Twin glass evacuated tube (passive solar tracking) provides high strength and heat absorption efficiency. High quality oxygen free copper heat pipe Heat pipe provides freeze resistance and high heat transfer efficiency. Less braze points Potable water certified copper header pipe only have 4 braze points, extremely reliable header design. Reliabe high quality fittings Flared compressions fittings for reliable, leak free connections. High strength mounting frame Cyclone rated, corrosion resistant aluminium mounting frame provides high strength to resist strong winds and extreme weather. Safe and reliable packaging and transportation Each production and packaging of each component, we will strictly check. Our Advantages 13 years commercial & residential projects experience worldwide Established in 2003 with 8 global offices. Great market share in Australia & America. Professional installation guide and technical support We provide professional system design and global on-site installation guide & technical training and support. Up to 10 years warranty Offer 10 years warranty on parts and the best after sales service worldwide. Product & Factory Pics Certifications

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