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Product Description Biscuit Making Machine Cookie Making Machine of Soft Biscuit Production Line Biscuit Making Machine Cookie Making Machine of Soft Biscuit Production Line powder-mixer,peel-fold machine,candy-filling machine, molding machine,egg-brushing grain-scatter machine,tunnel stove ,swerve machine , oil-sprayer,cooling transmission,suger/salt-pouring machine and so on. Biscuit Making Machine Cookie Making Machine of Soft Biscuit Production Line is the company digestion and absorption of Japanese technology, novel design, compact structure, high degree of automation equipment, from feed rolling, molding, waste recycling, drying, fuel injection, cooling automatic one-time completed, the company, to provide users with hundreds of mould and dozens of technological formula, by changing the mould and process recipe can produce market popular all kinds of high-grade cookies, such as butter cookies, biscuit, thin biscuit, soda biscuit, multi-dimensional animal crackers, cookies, vegetables, cookies, etc. Model DL225 DL280 DL400 DL600 DL800 Installed Capacity 28.5KW 55KW 110KW 220kw (gas type 25kw) customize Heating Source Electrical Electrical Electrical, Gas Electrical,Gas Electrical, Gas Baking temperature 200-300ºC 200-300ºC 200-300ºC 200-300ºC 200-300ºC Production capacity 50~60Kg/h 100kg/h 150-200Kg/h 400-500kg/h 600-900kg/h Production line length 21000mm 30000mm 43000mm 60000mm customize Detailed Photos Packaging & Shipping Company Profile Jinan Delon Machinery & Equipment Co., Ltd. is a high and new technology enterprise integrating technology, manufacture and trade. We have devoted ourselves to developing, manufacturing and trading double/single screw extruders, snack production lines, breakfast cereal/corn flake production lines, soya meat production lines, pasta/macaroni production lines, pet food production lines, etc. for more than 10 years. Delon has a comprehensive manufacturing program offering equipment and systems to customers in extruded snack food processing machinery and allied industries. We can supply individual items of equipment or complete factory layouts and lines, which are custom-built to meet the requirements of customers. Our spare parts and service division demonstrates our continued commitment to customer support and after-sales service. We have successfully completed several large-scale projects from planning to completion and project management. Delon has a proven record of quality and service. Delon's experienced staff members offer their own special contribution to Delon's skill base. Skills include design, drafting and good old-fashioned common sense. With in-house design, construction, repair and service, our company has developed a "one stop factory" that cannot be matched due to their vertical strength in the Food Machinery Industry. Delon's solution-based service structure takes away a lot of your frustration whether you're opening a new Snack Food service venture or if you are the Head Officer needing urgent solutions. We are insisting on improving the standard of products and trying our best to serve our clients. Our goal is to become the biggest and best puffing snack food processing machinery manufacturer in China. We wish our products can benefit clients from all over the world. After Sales Service Including salaries based on 40 hours per week as well as accident-and health insurance for : 1 Chief Installation Engineer for the duration of 1 week in total. 1 Process Engineer for the duration of 2 days in total, 1 Electrical commissioning-Engineer for the duration of 1day in total Period of installation: The total length of the installation time depends on number and qualification of the

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