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Product Description The Integrated Sewage Treatment Equipment is a highly efficient system that combines multiple treatment processes. It incorporates a primary sedimentation tank, primary and secondary contact oxidation tank, secondary sedimentation tank, and sludge tank. Additionally, air is introduced into the primary and secondary contact oxidation tanks, allowing for the simultaneous utilization of both the contact oxidation method and activated sludge. This unique combination of treatment methods results in significantly improved sewage treatment efficiency. Main Features 1. Strong resistance to impact loads, with an average residence time of over 6 hours for contact oxidation method. 2. It has the ability to remove nitrogen and phosphorus, and can achieve the ability to treat industrial wastewater, domestic sewage, and urban sewage by adjusting the structure of the equipment. 3. The fillers in the contact oxidation tank are mostly composite soft fillers, which are lightweight, high-strength, stable in physical and chemical properties, large in specific surface area, strong in biofilm adhesion ability, and high in contact efficiency between sewage and biofilm. 4. Aerators are used in the contact oxidation tank for air blowing and aeration, so that the fiber bundles can float continuously, the aeration is uniform, and the microorganisms grow mature, which has the characteristics of Activated sludge. 5. The effluent quality is stable, with low sludge production and easy treatment. 6. Submersible pump can be installed in equipment to reduce project investment. 7. The equipment can be installed on the ground or buried underground. When buried underground, the upper cover can be used for greening, resulting in a small factory area and fewer ground structures. 8. Easy to complete automatic control, easy to manage and operate. Working Pricinple Integrated sewage treatment equipment is mainly used to remove organics in purified water by microorganisms to achieve the purpose of sewage purification, so that domestic sewage or industrial wastewater can reach the standard discharge, thus reducing the pollution of water quality, soil, air and other environments. Process Flow Diagram APPLICATIONS Integrated sewage treatment equipment is suitable for the treatment and reuse of domestic sewage in residential communities, villages, towns, office buildings, shopping malls, hotels, restaurants, sanatoriums, government agencies, schools, troops, hospitals, highways, railways, factories, mines, tourist attractions, and similar small and medium-sized industrial organic wastewater such as slaughtering, aquatic product processing, and food. Product Parameters Model NO. KM-AO-3 KM-AO-5 KM-AO-10 KM-AO-15 KM-AO-20 KM-AO-25 KM-AO-30 KM-AO-50 Water treatment capacity(m³/h) 3 5 10 15 20 25 30 50 Our Project FAQ 1.Questions: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer? Answers: We are a manufacturer specializing in the production and installation of sewage treatment equipment, water purification equipment, and water treatment accessories. 2.Questions: How long is the warranty period for your equipment? Answers: Our equipment has a warranty period of one year. 3.Questions: Do you have any after-sales service work? Answers: We provide professional installation guidance and after-sales service. 4.Questions: How do you usually package and transport your goods? Answers: Our equipment is usually shipped by container to the nearest port adjacent to the receiving address. 5.Questions: Do you accept device customization? Answers: We accept customized services and can customize production equipment according to the requirements you provide.

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