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Advantages 1. Controlled by microprocessor, easy operation, running stably and accurately. 2. 4-digit auto counter built-in. 3. Cast aluminum machine frame,low weight and high intensity,adjust convenient 4.Separate adjustment of the pad up/down stroke speed. 5. ink scraper is auto balance keeping in printing. 6. With the function of ink scraping nonstop without printing in order to prevent ink from drying. 7. Ink cup is turnable and adjustable in vertical and horizontal direction. 8.With super long slide stroke to print large size workpiece. 9.Pneumatic part of the installation of the German tubes and Air valve,Ormon Sensor,SMC Cylinder. Company Profile Sun Glory Industry International Limited is an engineering company, founded in 2011. Focus on Household End to End solution,we provide stainless steel bottle & vacuum flasks production line. 1. Integrator and One-stop-shopping Supermarket of Thermal Flasks & Bottles Machines, Molds, Consumables and Accessories; 2. Platforms of Industry Sources & Transaction Security Assurance & Projuct well-running Guarantee Platform; 3. Our factories are the industry's No.1 or top three, with leading technologies and 30 years production process experience; 4. Sun Glory has abilities to handle single order with more than USD 2 million of TT & L/C; 5. Without any transaction disputes since 2013, Sun Glory's export volume exceeded $5 million in 2018 and has exceeded $25 million since 2014. 6. Pre-sale service and 24*7 hours after-sale service: Factory material flow chat designing & production processes planning, on-line trial running & employee training before shipment, final acceptance on-site, warranty, lifetime technology partnership. After Sales Service You make money, we make machine line. Sun Glory Industry International Limited as a Household End to End solution provider, was established in 2011. Our factories have 10 to 50 years experiences on stainless steel, aluminum or plastic kitchenware, cookware sink, utensils, kettle, flask, cutlery, food container, storage can making. Besides kitchenware A-Z solutions and turn-key projects including machinery, dies & tools, accessories and consumable stuffs, we offer Pre-sale, In-sale, After-sale service and Value-added Services. Pre-sale Service: 1.Process design. 2. Process feasibility analysis. 3. Production solution design. 4. Factory or production line planning and design. 5. Machines model recommendation. In-sale Service: 1. Machines and molds inspection during and after manufacture. 2. Independent verification for each process. 3. Simulate production according to customer's future production condition(use customer's machines, molds and work piece for quantity production). After-sale service: 1.Machine installation. 2.Machine adjustment and debugging. 3.Workers training. a)Characteristic of materials. b)Application of working principle, electrical principle, hydraulic principle, mechanical principle and other principles for machines. c)Motion processes of machines. d)Trouble shooting of machines. e)Safety knowledge of the machine operation. Workers trained with above details can know well of the basic knowledge of the machine production. Thus, they can make reasonable arrangements, deal with common problems and improve production efficiency continuously. 4.Machine Maintenance a)Professional service team and fast-response service mechanism. On line maintenance and other technical support and service can be provided within the guarantee period(normally, 1 year for machine after installation finished ). Engineers of Chinese or Indian service center can be sent for factory service according the distance to customer's factory if it is needed(free for the engineers' salary

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