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Resistance Meter is a very important category in the Instruments & Meters industry. A good Resistance Meter can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Resistance Meter available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

How to source & buy Resistance Meter

At made-in-china.com, Resistance Meter are made from various kinds of features such as Certification, RoHS, CE, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Certification for example, you can find RoHS Certification, CE Certification and more.

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The Best Resistance Meter Products

Product overview: 1. Small and light, and can be carried as a whole 2. Chinese graphic interface, touch screen operation 3. Extremely strong anti-interference ability to ensure accurate and reliable data 4. Built-in large-capacity battery, convenient for on-site use 5. Double coil CT balance current special clamp, easy to operate 6. The test program is simple and efficient, the instrument measures automatically, and the waveform is displayed Technical parameters: 1. Working power supply: built-in 4.2V/2.6AH lithium battery special power adapter 2. Range: 0~10A (AC) 3. Accuracy: 1% ± 3 words (when magnetic field interference B 5GS) 1% ± 3 words (when magnetic field interference B 10GS) 1% ± 3 words (when magnetic field interference B 15GS) 2% ± 3 words (when magnetic field interference B 20GS) 4. Minimum resolution: 0.0001mA 5. Display: large screen color LCD Model Number JH7011 Power Electronic Measuring Range Current:0~10000mA/30000mA Minimum resolution 0.0001mA Measurement Accuracy ±1% Operating Temperature -10ºC~50ºC Power Supply Lithium Battery(DC12.6V) FAQ 1. Is your company a sales company or a manufacturer? Our company is an industrial and trade enterprise, with our own factory and lab, self-produced and self-sold. We were founded in 2013 and have 12 years of production experience, which has reliable production lines, test rooms and R&D centers. 2. Whether the goods are in stock, whether they can be customized, and how long the delivery time? After the goods have been ordered, it takes about 7 working days for production if there are no accidents. 3. Is the quality guaranteed? In order to ensure quality, we use imported components in large quantities. After three times of quality inspection, the goods can be sent out, and the export is in well package with fast shipping. 4. What are the after-sales terms? We offer free consulting service, 1 year warranty, and adopt various methods such as email communication, video calls, technology door-to-door, aiming to solve any after-sales problems in a timely manner. 5. What are the cooperative countries or regions? Products have been successfully exported to the United States, Brazil, Australia, Russia, the Netherlands, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Iran, India, Saudi Arabia, Mongolia, Japan and other countries and regions. In the United States, India, Vietnam and other regions have cooperative distributors, can provide thoughtful services. 6.Is customization supported? We support customization in language use according to your requirement if the quantity ordered reaches.

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