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Rechargeable Battery & Charger is a very important category in the Consumer Electronics industry. A good Rechargeable Battery & Charger can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Rechargeable Battery & Charger available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

How to source & buy Rechargeable Battery & Charger

At made-in-china.com, Rechargeable Battery & Charger are made from various kinds of features such as Type, Lithium Battery, Li-Polymer Battery, Ni-MH Battery, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Type for example, you can find Lithium Battery Type, Li-Polymer Battery Type and more.

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12V/24V 60A 7 stage Automatic Car RV battery Charger for AGM GEL WET Rechargeable Battery Charger With LCD Features: 1.LED digital display : U-I-C-P U:battery voltage I:charge current C:7 charging stage code P:over heat protection 2.LED indicators : AGM /GEL /Lithium battery 3.AGM/GEL/Lithium battery charge mode selection 4.Numerious protection function: overheat, over charge, short circuit, soft start, internal temperature compensation, reverse polarity, over charge protection. 5.7 Stage automatically charging: C-1-Desulphation: The desulphation stage may break down sulphation that occurs in batteries that have been left flat for extended periods of time, returning them back to full charge. Sulphation occurs when lead-sulphate hardens and clogs up the battery cells. C-2-Soft-Start:A preliminary charge processes that gently introduces power to the battery.This protects the battery and increases battery life. C-3-Bulk(Constant Current):Bulk mode charges the battery at the maximum rate (constant current)putting a large amount of power into the battery in a short amount of time.This stage will charge the battery to approximately 80%,until the voltage reaches 14.4 volts for 12V battery or 28.8volts for 24V charger. C-4-Absortion(Constant Voltage):The charge rate slows down so the battery can absorb more power and reach 100% charge. The voltage remains at a constant 14.4 volts for 12V charger or 28.8 volts for 24V charge while the current is gradually reduced until no more power can be added without over-charging the battery. C-5-Battery Test:An automatically battery test is conducted immediately after the absorption stage. The test monitors the voltage for 90 seconds to determine if the charge was successful. C-6-Recondition:The battery reconditioning function is initiated automatically in the case that the battery fails the battery test (stage 5). Failing the battery test indicates that the absorption stage was unable to fully charge the battery. The recondition mode will then begin to introduce a low constant current for a period of 4 hours. Then the charger will go into the float charging mode. This recondition stage can recover batteries from a deeply discharged state increasing performance and battery life. C-7-Float:The float stage maintains the battery at 100% charge without overcharging or damaging the battery. This means the charger can be left connected to the battery indefinitely. Specification: Model EBC12/24-30 EBC12/24-40 EBC12/24-50 EBC12/24-60 Input voltage AC220V(190-265V) Output voltage 12V/24V LED digital display in turn(after 60s go into sleep mode) U:battery voltage I:charging current P: over heat protection C: code for 7 charging stage Absoption (constant voltage) AGM:14.4V/28.8VDC GEL:14.6V/29.2VDC Float charging current AGM:13.8V/27.6VDC GEL:14V/28VDC Max.charging current 30A/15A 40A/20A 50A/25A 60A/30A Protection function Reverse polarity,output short circuit,over current,over voltage,overload,over heat Charging way Automatic 7 stage charging:Desulphation,soft start,bulk,absorption,battery test,recondition and float LED display charging voltage, charging current , charging stage, 50%current, 100% currenyt. AGM battery, GEL battery , switching power supply Working temperature 65ºC±5ºC Cooling fan Temerature controlled automatically Temp.compensation -3~3.5nV/cell*Tem.±10% Battery type GEL and AGM battery and lithium battery (customized) Efficiency 80% Battery selection 50% current or 100% current LED indicator/button setting Packing Gift box AC fuse 6A 6A 6A 6A DC fuse 30A*2 40A*2 40A*2 40A*2 Qty/ctn 6pcs Dimension(L*W*H) 22.6*17.5*9.5cm Certification CE,RoHS,SONCAP

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