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IBC Cage Line (welding+bending+clinching+punching) Product Description IBC tank welding machine Production line equipment IBC tank frame welding machine,bending machine,locking machine,hole punching machine,base frame welding machine the full set of production equipment. Six-Head IBC Frame Automatic Welding Machine The welding power is designed with 4 sets of MF DC power source.It can do 6 spots welding at one time. Double layer fixture feeder.When one fixture is under welding, another fixture can be loaded with material. Flat Tube Mesh and Firm Welding Qualit The welding machine will weld the tube into flat mesh type. Firm and strong welding quality. It will take about 60sec to complete the welding process. Vertical Double Station IBC Frame Bending Machine IBC cage frame double station bending machine is processed as a whole to ensure high bending precision, stable operation and high efficiency. Bend the Flat Mesh into Square Shape The bending machine will bend the flat mesh into square frame. It will takes about 20- 25sec to complete the bending process. IBC Cage Frame Locking Machine IBC cage frame locking machine is processed as a whole, with high insertion precision, large fastness to locking, stable and efficient operation. Locking Efficiency and Quality The locking machine will lock the ends of the tube frame using hydraulic force. It will takes about 25-30sec to complete the locking process. IBC Cage Frame Hole Making and Punching Machine IBC cage frame hole making and punching machine is used to form the hole on the frame, so the complete frame can be fixed on the base frame. Hole Making Efficiency and Quality The hole making and punching machine is using hydraulic force. It will takes about 25-30sec to complete the complete process. IBC Cage Base Frame Welding Machine The base frame welding machine design adopts horizontal structure and 7 welding heads for completing the welding of base frame.The operator only need to load and unload the product. The machine will do the welding automatically. Final Product of Base Frame We can add the automatic loading and unloading device for the base frame welding machine as per your requirement. The welding efficiency is about 15-20 sec/pc. Product Name IBC frame production line Style single row /double row Max welding width 1200mm Max welding length 4250mm Brand XINZHOU Colour blue/yelllow/custom Equipped Power 350kVA/400kVA Place of Product Zhejiang Province,China Voltage 3p 380V Material Galvanized Pipe Tickness of the pipe 1-2mm duty cylce 20% Diameter of the pipe 14-20mm Frequency 50HZ/60HZ pipe loading method manual/2 labors Cable size ≥70mm3 working capacity 350-450(480-550) pcs/8 hours air pipe size G1 labor demand 2-3 labors Water pipe size G1 1/4 Product Features-Tank Sending System: 1. This system is suitable for factories that separate the blowing machine workshop and the cage workshop. 2. The test tanks are transported by the conveyor to the cage workshop. No human intervention required. 3.Tank Sending System 4.IBC Bended,Clinching and Punched Cage Placement Area 5.Welded Pallet Stocking Area 6.Auto Pallet Assemble Path 7.Pallet Welding 8.Rotating Cage and Pallet Assemble AreaSafe Passage 9.Pallet Plate Stocking Area/ Auto Feeding Company Profile Ningbo Xinzhou Welding Equipment Co., Ltd. was founded in 1998, is a company mainly engaged in researching, designing, manufacturing and selling automation welding equipment, which is also a national high-new tech enterprises in China. Its products are widely used in home appliances,hardware, auto parts production, petrochemical, liquid packaging, nuclear power station,hydropower station, steel structure platform, expressway, high-speed railway

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