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Printing Inks is a very important category in the Packaging & Printing industry. A good Printing Inks can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Printing Inks available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

How to source & buy Printing Inks

At made-in-china.com, Printing Inks are made from various kinds of features such as Printing Type, Digital Printing, Offset Printing, Transfer Printing, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Printing Type for example, you can find Digital Printing Printing Type, Offset Printing Printing Type and more.

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Pantone color sheet fed ink of food grade print ink Application The sheetfed offset ink is environmental friendly overnight stable offset ink Specially designed for multi-purpose for single or multi-colour press Suitable for cartons, coated or uncoated paper and glazed printing paper Stable perfpormance and good results across a broad range of printing conditions. Features Long-term high-speed stability 12000-15000 sheets per hour. Strong tinting power and excellent transferrability. Good gradation and sharp dot reproduction Good rub resistance and rapid oxidative drying Its heavy metal content is in conformity with related international standard Characteristics: High gloss and quick-set Non-skinning on press (48 hours in the fountain and 9 hours on the roller) Non-toxicity and low aromatic hydrocarbon content, empty of peculiar smell Not containing harmful metallic substance, such as lead, Cadmium etc Excellent color shade, high concentration and dot sharpness Excellent transferability and ink-water balance Excellent rubbing-resistance, smearing-resistance Specification Fluidity Tack Setting Skinning (mm/25&deg;C) (25&deg;C) (mm/25&deg;C) (hrs/25&deg;C) Process yellow 34&plusmn;1 10&plusmn;0.5 <15 36-100 Process Magenta 33&plusmn;1 10&plusmn;0.5 <15 36-100 Process Cyan 33&plusmn;1 10&plusmn;0.5 <15 36-100 Process Black 33&plusmn;1 10.5&plusmn;0.5 <15 36-100 Design Design: We offer OEM service, your design and company logo are both available. We offer design developing service, tell us your demands, our proffessional designer will help you to make it out. Samples: A: if you need stock samples for checking our quality, we offer free samples but sample charges collect ( pay with your DHL, FEDEX or UPS account.), the time is 1-2 days. After sale Service: 1, shipping can be excuted as per proforma invoice or sales contract. Other shipping ways: air, express, railway are both okay. 2, shipping documents to be sent by express within 10 days after shipping date. Other certification or test report such as invoice testifying, country of origin or required certificates need another 3 days. For LC business, the documents are to be sent within 15 days after shipping date. Packing&Shipping: 1kg/tin,12kg /carton,carton size:0.43*0.3*0.2 m 2kg/tin,12kg/carton,carton size:0.47*0.32*0.16m 2.5kg/tin,15kg/carton, Carton size:0.52*0.35*16m For big quantity, carton inside, wooden case outside or according to clients' requirements. FAQ: Q:Are you a manufacturer? A:Yes.We are a professional manufacturer of offset ink, digital sublimation ink and sublimation ink for more than 15 years in China. Q:Do you have certifications? A:Yes.We have passed the SGS,MSDS,DGM certifications. Q:What is your MOQ? A:1 kg . Q:What about the shipping type? A:According to your quantity. If your quantity is small, by air and courier is suitable, will need 5-7 days; If your quantity is large ,by sea is suitable,will need 20-30 days. Fast Dry Bright Paper Pantone Color Sheet Fed Printing Offset Ink Fast Dry Bright Paper Pantone Color Sheet Fed Printing Offset Ink Fast Dry Bright Paper Pantone Color Sheet Fed Printing Offset Ink

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