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Jichang New Material Technology (Shanghai) Co., Ltd. is a technology-based enterprise engaged in research, development, production and operation of fluoropolymers, nanomaterials, surface treatment agents. It has successively established Shanghai International Trading Company, Suzhou United High-tech Materials Engineering R&D Center, and Anhui Production Base (66,000 square meters). Fluoropolymer products have now become the leading fluoropolymer production base in China. With basic research capabilities, applied research capabilities, and expanded research capabilities, we have established product development research capabilities, established product development, and established a complete quality management system. Provide customers with total solutions for fluoropolymer products. The application field of fluoropolymer products is the extrusion processing conditions of polyolefin products. Suitable for LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, PET, etc. The application industries of fluoropolymer products are wire and cable materials, pipes, cast films, blown films, color masterbatches, lawn drawing, etc. Quality management system: ISO9001 ISO14000 ISO45001 PPA (Fluoropolymer Processing Additive) Working principle of PPA (Fluoropolymer Processing Additive): Uses: Suitable for various resin extrusion processes, eliminating and improving melt fracture, and improving the extrusion processability of low-melt index resins. Application areas: LLDPE, LDPE, HDPE, PP, PS, PET. Specifically in the extrusion process, Fluoropolymer Processing Additive can be dispersed in the melt of thermoplastic resin with a particle size of 0.5~2um. After the melt is mixed in the extruder, under the action of surface tension, Fluoropolymer Processing Additive will move to the melt. The outer layer of the melt moves; and tends to adhere to the metal surface, forming a dynamic lubricating layer between the cavity inside the extruder, the surface of the die and the polymer body to reduce the friction between the melt and the wall during movement , thereby reducing the shear rate and viscous drag of the melt in the mold. The lubricating layer on the metal surface is a dynamic trend, which is constantly taken away and replenished. The minimum addition amount is to ensure a continuous lubricating layer on the metal surface of the extruder head. The lubricating layer formed by Fluoropolymer Processing Additive is coated on the uneven metal surface to establish a dynamic Teflon coating. When the process reaches dynamic equilibrium, the extrusion pressure, torque of the extruder, and the apparent viscosity of the melt will decrease . Fluoropolymer Processing Additive Efficacy: 1) Eliminate and improve melt fracture Eliminate shark skin phenomenon, eliminate crystal points, improve surface gloss, and make product thickness uniform. Improve the dispersibility of pigments, change colors quickly during production, and change materials quickly. 2)reduce extrusion pressure, allow narrow die gap and reduce operating temperature. 3)eliminate or reduce die accumulation. 4) improve the processability of low MI resin. 5) increase the output by 10~16%, save energy consumption. PPA2620 (Fluoropolymer Processing Additive) PPA2620 Fluoropolymer Processing Additive Working condition temperature resistance : 318.3ºC ISO 11358-1997 Fluoropolymer Processing Additive PPA2620, containing 98% active ingredient, is a kind of free-flowing 25 mesh white or light yellow powder. It can improve the processing performance of polyolefin with very low additive amount (200-800 ppm), producing no influence on the physical properties of resins

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