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Petroleum Machinery Parts is a very important category in the Manufacturing & Processing Machinery industry. A good Petroleum Machinery Parts can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Petroleum Machinery Parts available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Petroleum Machinery Parts are made from various kinds of features such as Manufacturing Process, CNC Milling, Forging, Casting, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Manufacturing Process for example, you can find CNC Milling Manufacturing Process, Forging Manufacturing Process and more.

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High-end Non-standard Tungsten Carbide Parts for Petroleum Machinery Parts Product Description Material :contains 100% virgin tungsten and cobalt with submicon grain size Quality: long life with super resistance to heat , wear and abrasion Technology: can provide the characteristic custom-made Grade: can design the best grade according to its applications Price:Fast delivery time and excellent cost performance packaging:convenient packaging with standard export packing or according the needs of customer's shipping terms:FOB CIF C&F Etc by sea or air Equipment: Over ten thousand sets of existing non-standard shaped mold Tungsten carbide non-standard products Descriptions : Tungsten carbide products are mainly use for the global petroleum and petrochemical,coal chemical industry,special pump and valve,aerospace,rail transit,construction machinery and other industries...Machine shops all over the world use it every day. It seems that without this technology our world would be a different place. If you can think of all the things that are machined in this country every year it is amazing. Tungsten Carbide has been a huge contributor to the machining industry.Tools made of tungsten cemented carbide are stronger and last longer than hardened steel tools. Most of these tools just have tungsten carbide inserts brazed onto a hardened steel part or cutting tool. The sharp part is the tungsten carbide the rest of the tool is steel. This allows the tool to be strong and more flexible while still allowing the cutting surface to be sharp and stay that way. These tools cost less than a tool that is made of completely tungsten carbide.Overall tungsten cemented carbide is an amazing material. It has so many uses it is impossible to name them all. Every year more and more ways of putting it to good use are discovered. The harder and stronger we make parts and tools the longer they last. In the long run this saves everyone money. Tools and machinery have been using this technology for years and surely they will be using it in the future. Product Name Tungsten carbide Non-standard Parts Material cemented carbide Size Non-standard products Size Tolerance Free tolerance or as customer's request Color As picture Recommend Grade YG YN series Grain Size Medium and Fine Grain or Coarse Grain Application Produced according to the customer's use Processing Treatment Clean ground and polished or as customer request. Product Features Long life,good versatility,good wear resistance. Certification ISO9001 Detailed Photos Product Parameters Grade Performances: Grade ISO Grade Density Hardness T.R.S Application g/cm3 HRA N/mm² GT3 K01 15.0 91.0 1400 Qualified for fine turning and half fine turning when cast iron,nonferrous metal ,alloys as well as non alloy materials cutting consecutively,Also qualified for sand -blasting nozzles. GT6 K20 14.9 90.0 2150 For the cast iron ,nonferrous metal, alloy and unalloyed materials, electric drill for geology use and steel drill ,also process hard wood ,original wood ,aluminum section section bar, brass rod. GT8 K30 14.7 89.5 2320 For machine manufacture ,processing blades and wearing parts,rough machineing of cast iron , nonferrous metal ,nonmetal materials at low cutting speed ,also used for hard wood , graphite ,grass. GT11 K40 14.4 88.5 2420 Forming or stamping dies for metal powders and nonmetal powders. GT15 K40 14.0 87.5 2500 For punching, stamping,forging tools under large stress,fabricating drawing dies of steel tubes and rods under high compressibility ratio,Powder metallurgy mouldenpress mould core,Cut very hard rock formations. GT20 13.5 85.5 2800 High bending strength ,used for step dies and other stamping

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