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Description: Lambda-cyhalothrin: High-efficiency, broad-spectrum, quick-acting pyrethroid insecticides and acaricides, mainly contact and stomach toxicity, no systemic effect. It has a good effect on Lepidoptera, Coleoptera and Hemiptera and other pests and other pests, as well as spider mites, rust mites, gall mites, tarsid mites, etc. It can treat both insects and mites concurrently, and can prevent cotton red Bollworms and cotton bollworms, cabbage caterpillars, pipe aphid, tea looper, tea caterpillars, tea orange gall mites, leaf gall mites, citrus leaf moths, orange aphid and citrus spider mites, rust mites, peach heartworm and pear heartworm, etc., It can also be used to control a variety of surface and public health pests. Used in wheat, corn, fruit trees, cotton, cruciferous vegetables, etc. to control malt, midge, armyworm, corn borer, beet armyworm, heartworm, leaf roller, leaf miner, swallowtail butterfly, fruit sucker, cotton bollworm, red Instar insects, cabbage caterpillars, etc., used in grassland, grassland, dry field crops to control grass borers, etc.

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