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Paper Making Machine is a very important category in the Manufacturing & Processing Machinery industry. A good Paper Making Machine can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Paper Making Machine available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Paper Making Machine are made from various kinds of features such as Paper Thickness, Thin Paper, Thick Paper, Normal Specification Paper, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Paper Thickness for example, you can find Thin Paper Paper Thickness, Thick Paper Paper Thickness and more.

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Corrugated Paper/Kraft Paper/Toilet Paper/Testliner Paper/Fluting Paper/ Recycled Paper Making Machine Paper Machine Buying guide In order to recommend paper machine and make detailed technical proposal for you as soon possible ,please tell us the following technical parameters: (1)what kind of paper do you want to produce? (2)what kind of raw material you will use? (3)how many tons do you want to produce per day(24hours)? (4)what is the output paper width of jumbo roll?--mm; (5)What is the output paper weight(thickness)?--gsm. Thanks for your cooperation! Kraft Paper Making Machine Technical parameters: Main products Fluting paper Corrugated Paper Testliner Paper Kraft Paper Duplex Board Paper Test liner Ration 90-150g / m2 Capacity 200t/d Net paper width 3800mm Gross paper width 3860mm Working speed 250-380 m / min Design speed 400 m / min Gauge 4900 mm Roll of dynamic balance G2.5 Cylinder of dynamic balance G4 Batch-off roll of dynamic balance G1.6 Drive mode AC motor variable frequency speed regulation segment drive Paper machine layout form Single layer layout Pattern Left hand machine Banner moisture difference ≤±1% Banner quantitative difference ≤±1.5% Dryness of Craft Paper Paper dryness out of wire part 20-22% (± 1%) Paper dryness out of press section 44-46% (± 1%) Before sizing 92% Paper roll machine 92% Lateral shrinkage About 3.5% Fresh water, clarified water Requirements clear, colorless, sand removal Water pressure 3.0MPa, 2.0MPa, 0.5MPa PH value 6-8 Power Supply AC voltage high pressure,380/220V±5% Control point pressure 220/24V Frequency 50HZ±1% Printing Paper/A4 Paper/Wrinting Paper Making Machine Main products Printing Paper/A4 Paper/Wrinting Paper/Copy Paper Paper weight 60-90g / m2 Capacity 5-100t/d Net paper width 1092-3200mm Paper Machine Raw Material Paper is sorted into different grades such as waste paper, old carton box, reed, wheat straw, bamboo, bagasse, newspapers, duplex, white cutting, boards, core pipes, etc suitable for manufacturing different grades of Fluting paper Corrugated Paper Testliner Paper Kraft Paper Duplex Board Paper. Paper Machine Process Flow Paper Machine Wire Section At the wet end of the paper machine sits the headbox, which distributes a uniform jet of watery stock. The liquid falls onto the wire or forming fabric. Beneath the wire, foils (short for hydrofoils) remove water and improve fibre uniformity, ensuring that the fibres weave together in a tight mat. The wire passes over suction boxes that vacuum out the water, leaving a soft mat of pulp that forms the paper sheet, also known as the paper web. By now the wire has travelled 30-40 meters. In a couple of seconds, the water content has dropped to 75-80%, and the web has lost its wet sheen. Paper Machine Press Section The next stage of water removal consists of passing the paper web through a series of nip rollers that squeeze the water out of the pulp mat. This pressure also compresses the fibres so they intertwine to form a dense, smooth sheet. At this stage, the water content has reduced to between 45 and 55%. Paper Machine Drying Section The paper web now travels through an enclosed space containing a number of steam-heated drying cylinders. They are warmed up to 130ºC using steam heat to ensure that the paper is now 80 to 85% dry. Wet sizing solution is now applied to the paper in order to add a thin layer of starch to the surface. Starch contributes to stiffness and the bonding of the fibres within the sheet of paper. After the sizing is applied, the paper passes through another set of heated drying cylinders. In all, the paper web may travel 400

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