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Fiber packaging has the following characteristics: It has elastic ductility and resilience, good tension retention and memory. After packaging, it will not relax for a long time, which can effectively absorb the vibration during transportation and ensure that the goods have excellent impact resistance at long distances. It is safe to use, flexible, and will not scratch the packaging, let alone your hands. Special tools are required for cutting. Even if the belt is tightly tied, it will not hurt people, rust or corrode. Even if the waistband is partially cut horizontally, the bag will not break as a whole. It can be easily treated as ordinary industrial waste. It can save additional costs due to damage to the goods, and can withstand a pulling force of 0.5-8.5 tons. Fiber packing belt equipment features: 1 the equipment runs smoothly, the failure rate is small, the noise is small, the wear is small, easy to maintain 2 beautiful appearance, beautiful color, novel shape, strong material, durable, energy saving 3 advanced equipment technology, reasonable structure, reliable performance, high efficiency, strong extrusion capacity FAQ 1. Why choose us We are a manufacturer specializing in the development of plastic extruders in Qingdao. Machine quality and customer satisfaction are our pursuit, I believe we have the strength to provide you with high-quality equipment and perfect service. 2. What service do we provide? Pre-sales communication → design plan, receipt confirmation →Custom production → test machine before shipment → packaging and Delivery → training operators → technical support 3. Payment terms: 30% of the total amount should be paid by T/T as a deposit, and the balance (70% of the total amount) should be paid by T/T or irrevocable letter of credit (spot) before delivery.

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