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China factory supply IGBT induction heating machine in other metal processing machinery DSP-100KW 1 The integrated modular induction heating equipment manufactured by our company is the newest high-tech product formed by adopting the most advanced power electronic power devices and unique converter control technology in the world with reasonable structure design. 1) This equipment uses the digital signal processing (DSP) digital real-time high-speed signal processor and DDS (Direct Digital Synthesizer) direct digital frequency synthesizer. 2)Using advanced digital control technology and digital phase-locked loop tracking technology and computer control technology, the system structure is safe and reliable, stable performance and simple operation. 3)Imported integrated circuit and power module are used to realize automatic frequency tracking. It has the characteristics of small size, light weight, high efficiency, energy saving, simple installation, high reliability and not easy to damage. 4)The heating speed is fast and the heating efficiency is high. It can control the heating temperature and time conveniently, and it is easy to ensure the heating quality and the running water operation. 5)Visual digital display of voltage, current, frequency, power, heating time and heating temperature,etc. 6)Can Predictable power, that is the power can be set before heating is turned on, with high accuracy. This function is not available for other similar products in the market. 7)Friendly man-machine interface: Human-computer interaction can choose a variety of ways, such as LED indicator or digital tube display, touch screen display and control, text screen display, customers can choose at will according to their needs; from the function realization and operation settings, it covers the traditional mechanical button panel, making the operation and maintenance easier, more intuitive and more convenient; 8). Hardware isolation interface: It can be compatible with the existing PLC on the market, and is conducive to the functional transformation of the existing PLC system and the further expansion of the automation system. 9). Remote communication interface: 10) Working mode: Constant current or constant power can be selected, your application will be constant power working be better. 11)The device is equipped with a striking red emergency stop button, which can be pressed quickly when an emergency occurs. Stop the equipment immediately to achieve protection measures. 12). Reasonable layout of the internal components of the equipment, the main control circuit board is centralized on the weak side to avoid the interference of the strong current to the control circuit and improve the control accuracy. 13)Induction Heating Machine have remote control function and adopt digital circuit control, power regulation can be adjusted from 0% to 100% resolution and digital PID temperature control module can be configured to set the target temperature of workpiece (infrared temperature measurement or thermocouple temperature measurement) automatically. The accuracy of temperature control is + 1'C for power regulation in heating process. 14) Water Pressure and water temperature meters in the machine, can monitor the water sitation. Packing: Pre-sale service: 1. recommend the most suitable machine for customers, according to their requirements. 2. Inquiry and consulting support. 3. Sample testing support. 4. View our Factory. In-sale service: 1. Strictly manufacture the machine, according to relevant technical standards. 2. Take run test, according to relevant equipment test run regulations. 3. Strictly check up the machine, before delivery 4. Delivery on time.

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