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Other Construction Equipment & Tools is a very important category in the Construction & Decoration industry. A good Other Construction Equipment & Tools can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Other Construction Equipment & Tools available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Other Construction Equipment & Tools are made from various kinds of features such as Handle Material, Rubber, Fiberglass, Hardwood, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Handle Material for example, you can find Rubber Handle Material, Fiberglass Handle Material and more.

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We are a professional rebar binding machine and tw898,tw1061t dedicated wire coil manufacturer from China, we have 20 years of production and R&D design experience. WL-460/WL-660 TWIN WIRE REBAR GUN is new type binding machine, the maximum binding rebar diameter is 46mm / 66mm,using dual brushless motors and 18.5V 5.0Ah lithium battery,faster and more efficient. Compared with the traditional 0.8mm single wire binding machine, it is more efficient, faster, saves more wire, and is more reliable for binding. WL-460,WL-660 Twin Wire Rebar Gun Technical Parameters: At the same time, we also provide different kind of spool wire. For example, MAX TW897A,TW898 (TW899A) binding wire. TJEP ULTRA GRIP XP 40 Rebar binder tying wire. MAX TW1061T(TW1060T) twin wire tier rebar tying gun tie wire. Makitao DTR180ZJ rebar tie wire gun wire reel. And other brand automatic rebar tying machine wire roll. Our TW1061T Rebar Tie Wire (1.0mm Double Wire): 19 Gauge TW1061T Binding Wire Used On RB441T,RB611T,RB401T-E Twin Wire Rebar Tying Gun. 19 Gauge TW1060T Binding Wire Used On RB440T,RB610T,RB400T-E Twin Wire Rebar Tying Gun. TW1061T(TW1060T) Binding Wire Parameters: Our TW898 Rebar Tie Wire (0.8mm Single Wire): 21 Gauge TW898 Wire Roll Used On RB218,RB397,RB398S,RB518 Rebar Tying Tool 21 Gauge TW899 Wire Reel Used On RB219,RB399A,RB399S,RB519 Rebar Tie Gun. TJEP ULTRA GRIP 40 Rebar Binder,Makit DTR180ZJ Rebar Tying Gun. XDL-25A,XDL-40A,XDL-58A Rebar Tier Or Other Brand Automatic Rebar Tying Machine. TW898 & TW1061T Spool Wire Packing: FAQ Question 1: Are you factory/manufacturer? Yes,welcome to visit our factory and share your valuable experience. Question 2: How is the machine shipped? The machine has batteries, we will send it to your local area by DHL or UPS. Please leave your address and zip code when you send us an inquiry. If purchase large quantity machines and wire coil,transport by sea will be a good choice. Question 3: Can we test your wire roll samples? Yes,welcome to test our coils and compare with the original quality. Question 4: Do you have CE certificate for the product? Yes,CO and Form E certificate of origin or others,if necessary,will also be provided. Question 5: How many pallets reels does a 20FT container load? 20 Pallets,48000pcs for tw1061t tie wire or 50000pcs for tw898 tie wire. Question 6: Is it ok if the wire coil order quantity is less than the MOQ? Yes,If have any questions,please feel free to contact us.

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