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Tralier for COW Why MEGATRO HOLDING CO., LIMITED(MEGTRO)? Thinking Beyond the Box. • Squire Tech Solutions makes the finest and most resilient communications trailer and satellite systems in the world. Period. • When other trailers rust, wear out, leak water in, leak air out or create a sketchy environment to operated from, we continue to advance our already world leading designs. • Ultra-Lightweight but yet unsurpassed strength though best combined use of Aluminum and steel. • Exceptional Corrosion Resistance and Durability. • Designed performance ... Perfected in operation. Satellite Antenna • Responder grade AvL Technologies auto acquire low stow satellite antenna and control system. • 1.0m AvL Engineered Composite Reflector • Zero Backlash AvL Cable Drive • Optional Transmit Rotary Joint on Feed • Stows to 15" H (38.1 cm H) • Standard 2-Port Ku "Precision" (standard Cross-Pol comp.) Feed • Feed rotation for polarization • One button auto-acquisition controller • 400 degree azimuth range • Hand cranks on all axes • Integrated GPS • Level sensors for automatic vehicle tilt compensation and automatic cross pol alignment • Fully compliant with Eutelsat auto deploy antenna requirements • Options include 1RU rack mounts and minimized stow height • Upto 2.4 Meter HVAC • HVAC is an industrial grade, self-contained unit • All airconditioning components, including the compressor, condenser, evaporator, blower, and power supplies, are mounted on a single low-profile chassis with an all aluminum cover. • The system's closed refrigerant loop is pre-charged and sealed at the factory. • Hot air is discharged from the condenser through (insulated / separated) cutouts in the bottom. • Heavy amplified radio, satellite and VoIP equipment generally has an operating tolerance of 32˚ to +122˚F at Sea Level [0˚ to +50˚C ] inside a closed electronics box. Leveling jacks • Structurally Integrated leveling jacks. • Strong, durable, and sturdy. • All 4" square jacks rated for 12,000 lbs. capacity & 10,000 lbs. lift capacity EACH. • Strength & wide variety of styles • Painted outer tube and drop leg • Drop leg option with 5 positioning holes • Spring return drop leg or non-spring return drop leg • 12.5" screw travel, 13.5" of additional adjustment with drop leg What is CG? • If you've ever pulled a trailer with too little (or too much) weight in the wrong areas, you've discovered why CG (center of gravity) is important. • With the possibility of adding up to 500 lbs in front of the axles in the storage bay, or potentially several hundred pounds of weight in the electronics, a proper designed trailer must provide a counter balance opportunity to put the tongue weight at 10-15% depending upon application. Definition: Center of Gravity is the point around which an object will balance. You will instinctively know where this is for simple uniform objects - right in the middle. When you distribute weight, this center point shifts. If you have a well designed trailer system, it helps you even out weight and avoid a "fishtailing" or losing control of the trailer. Diesel Tank • Fuel tanks are CNC Cut and Formed • Aluminum Construction • TIG Welder and Pressure Tested. • Up to 3 WEEKS run time Power • On-board 9kW - 20 kW ultra quiet • Convenient single side service (access to oil filter, fuel filter & air cleaner) • Instant access to engine maintenance • Easy Service and Installation. • Noise & vibration reducing system • Fully load bank tested. • Auto

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