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Our Advantages 1. The exclusive and innovative high-grip formula has excellent grip performance and abrasion resistance, breaking through the inherent concept that the two cannot have both. Tested by professional drivers, our high-grip products can reach twice the mileage compared with competing products, and the braking distance It can be shortened by 33%, which truly realizes the combination of mileage and grip; 2. The pattern angle gradually increases from the crown to the shoulder to ensure the drainage effect, and the design of the crown groove can improve the land ratio and ensure the stability of the tire on a soft composite road; 3. The design of the grooves on the shoulders ensures lateral stability, drainage and handling during cornering, that is, to ensure the rigidity of the shoulders and improve the grip of the curve; 4. The new Chinese element-the design of the "Dragon" is perfectly integrated, demonstrating momentum and high-grade tires; 5. Gecko series high grip products, suitable for most high-end big bikes with a displacement of about 300-650 on the market. Detailed Photos FAQ 1. Are you a factory or a trading company? We are a sino-Taiwan manufacturer of high end motorcycle tyres, inner tubes, which located in Weihai, Shandong. Founded in 2006, TIMSUN dedicated to offer more than 1900 sizes, like sports, street, touring, motocross, hot melt, drag and vintage high-end products to whole world. 2. How many pieces is your MOQ? Normally, at the beginning of cooperation, we could accept 20GP, in the following orders, 40HQ is much better and acceptable, but based on country, and the MOQ of each size should be 20pcs. 3. Can I be your agent? Yes, welcome all clients to meet our quality and service, but our market policy is one market only one agent. 4. What kinds of support you could give us if we could be your agent? We could offer you high end and stable quality goods; flexible market policy; different advertising materials for your market promotion; complaint solved in 2 hours; supporting on new sizes development; visiting after-service market with agent team yearly, and so on. And we have three design teams, one team from American Disney, one from Japan, also a professional domestic team. 5. What's your brand reputation in the whole world? We have exported to more than 60 countries and regions. You could know more if you search from Facebook: TIMSUN JAPAN, TIMSUN MALAYSIA, TIMSUN SINGAPORE, TIMSUN SRI LANKA, TIMSUN COLOMBIA, TIMSUN PERU, TIMSUN ECUADOR, TIMSUN GUATEMALA, and etc.

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