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Factory Price House Aluminium UPVC PVC Metal American Hurricane Impact Grill Design Reflective Glass Double Glazed Louver Fixed Sliding Casement Aluminum Window 1.The frame and door is aligned suitably, side frame surface is smooth, doesn't scrape hand and ensure a good hand feeling. 2. It uses the process of glue injection, and meet the requirements of high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection. 4. The design of invisible drainage, it embodies the high-end and advanced features co-exist. 6. It uses the hidden foaming compound adhesive strip whose shape is like "7". It is the automotive grade strips into the windows, the usage life is up to 15~20years, it thoroughly solve the aging problem of ordinary strips. 7. It is equipped with sound-insulated driving rod, keeps the house completely isolated from the outside world, removes the noise and creates the peacefulness. 8.It adopts the integral frame connection technology, and makes the window more steady, nice, high-end and elegant. 9. Excellent performance of sun-resistance, anti-oxidation, anti-fading, frost-resistance, it can completely bear the weathering. 10. Double glass 5 + 20A + 5mm, automotive grade tempered glass, its biggest width can be 5+ 27A + 5mm Guangzhou Hihaus Building Materials Co., Ltd. Hihaus is your one-stop project solution provider. Experienced with the project in the Americas, Southeast Asia, Middle East, Australia, etc. 1.TOP 10 manufacture in China. 2.123,000 sqm Workshop, 800+ skilled workers. 3. Annual prodution capacity: over 500,000 sqm. 4.17+ years experience. 5. AAMA, ISO9001, AS2047, AS/NZS 2208,40+ patents etc.

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