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Mechanical Engraving Dot Peen Marking Machine Manufacturer (LBDQ-100) The machine marks on the body of product with comprehensive permanent sign. Wide range of application. The machine can mark on all the metal materials and some nonmetal materials. It especially has good effect on high hardness metal online marking. Compact structure, light weight, easy to operate, affordable, durable and reliable. It can be integrated into production line or other small space. We provide one-stop reliable, affordable solution to clients with customized requirements. Reserved PLC interface supports position control, more suitable for modern factory automatic printing and marking system. Reserved I/O port supports installation of automatic clamping device to improve working efficiency. Flexible print installation, on-site printing requirements to meet a variety of ways; convenient for flat, nearly flat, circular surface, pipe axis printing, and marking, etc. Selling Point of Products: Customized online marking system designed by Label Laser not only requires no manual intervention when marking, but also provides information collection, uploading, sharing, and online conmmunication with other equipments, like sensor, inspection equipment, measuring tool,bardcode label printer, barcode reader, etc.,to aviod any human errors and highly improve work efficiency. Applicable field : Material: Metal ,Plastic ,Wood,etc. Mark serial number, parts name, trademark, and production date on Engine, piston, body, frame, chassis, connecting rod, and cylinder of automobile,motorbike,etc. Mark labels on various products, vehicles, equipment, etc. Mark on metal material,like Various mechanical parts, CNC router tool, hardware, metal tubes, gears, pump bodies, valves, fasteners, steel, electromechanical equipment,etc. Technical Parameter: Marking Samples: About us: wholesale industrial laser engraving machine pneumatic marking machine Wuhan Label Laser Science & Technology Co.,Ltd is a hi-tech corporation located in China Optics Valley in Wuhan City. It has been specialized in researching and manufacturing industrial Laser marking equipments and supplying marking solutions for customers all over the world since established in 2000. Why choose us Label Laser ?? 20 years of researching and manufacturing experience Advanced technology, researching and development group More than 3000+ successful cases of marking solution accumulated in domestic and oversea markets 100% QC Utility Model Patent Certificates,involved 3M Flexible label paper marking,Nameplate Auto marking ,Engine cylinder block and head pass-type auto marking,Automobile forged wheel hubs pass-type auto marking, copyright of computer software,etc. ISO,CE,SGS certified Packing & Shipping:wholesale industrial laser engraving machine pneumatic marking machine - Packing : Anti-collision foam + wrapping film+ Export standard wooden case. - Shipping: Main transportation method: by sea. Other Option: by air or railway transportation. FAQ: wholesale industrial laser engraving machine pneumatic marking machine Q: What's pneumatic marking ? And how pneumatic marking machine works? A: Computer-controlled printing needle moves according to a certain trajectory in the X, Y two-dimensional space. The printing needle performs high-frequency impact motion under the action of compressed air, and leave a dense dot matrix mark with a certain concave and convex depth on the work pieces. Q: How to operate the machine? Is training necessary? A: The machine is mainly controlled by software and not complicated. Operation manual with pictures will be provided .Generally speaking, an operator, who is not familiar with fib

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