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100W 130W CO2 Lazer Engraving Machine CNC Laser Cutter Engraver Acrylic Screen Protector Wedding Invitation Laser Cutting Machine MDF Wood Plastic Leather SPECIFICATIONS: Detailed Images: Best quality laser head with Red light positioning system: The aluminum alloy adjustable laser head is lighter than other metal laser heads, which can minimize the inertia error when the laser head move,will never deformed in time long run.The four fixing screws on the laser head freely adjust the reflector angle for easy focusing. The outer oxide film has a beautiful appearance and durable and not deformed for a long time.Simple Structure, convenient to operate and stable. Ruida 6445 Control System: Control system from Shenzhen RD company ,no need dongle. English Control panel is convenient to operate and with Re-carving function after break point or power failure. Ruida control system Supports USB cable controled by computerand and also offline control system by just a U disk. Perfectly tidy power supply system: The power supply system of the whole machine is installed strictly according to international standards. Different control power signal lines adopt separate routing design,avoiding electromagnetic interference between various types of signal lines and so clear to check High precision drive motor: The X/Y axis uses a high-precision belt-driven Leadshine motor to improve response speed and cutting engraving accuracy. The average small brand used by other manufacturers is more accurate and has a longer service lifeTaiwan Hiwin Mute slider. Taiwan Hiwin mute slider/guide: We use the Taiwan Hiwin silent slider to reduce the resistance of the laser head and the plotter during the movement, making the laser machine work more smoothly. The frictional resistance is reduced by 60% compared to the ordinary slider. It can adapt to the precise operation of the heavy-duty laser machine and ensure that the laser machine runs efficiently and stably for a long time. The software controls the electric lifting system: The latest electric lifting system is driven by 2 leashine57 stepping motors +860, which can directly control the lifting of the laser working platform in Ruida software. Four stainless steel lifting screws, up and down are stable, fast, and no noise. With a lifting height of 30CM, materials of different thicknesses can be engraved. Full power laser tube: Adopt the new high-efficiency CO2 laser tube of YONGLI (optional RECI), the laser beam is more stable, and the laser management theory has a working life of more than 10,000 hours. S&A Water Chiller control system: The laser tube working at high temperature can be cooled quickly to ensure that the laser tube has stable power and efficient and fast operation.Exclusive no water warning and automatic protection system, if there's no water or the water flows in opposite direction, there'll be no laser,can protect the working life of laser tube effectively. Exhaust fan: Big power exhaust fan to below the smoke back to the behind pipe, this could protect laser machine from damaged by fumes fan Intelligent Terminal RD-WIFI: It is a wireless WIFI converter , based on this terminal ,user can cooperate with Ruida motion controller to setabish the wireless control LAN based on WIFI ,to get ride of the wired networking connection absolutely which can reduce the user cost and increase flexibility Optional: Chuck rotary , used for process round objects Product Application: Advertising industry: trophies, authorization card, dual color plates, acrylic etc., Office Industry: menus, recipes, tender, invitations, personalized business cards etc., Packaging Industry: wine box, tea packing box etc., Gift Industry: glass cup, bamboo etc., crafts P

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