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Fiber Laser Cutting Machine With CNC 3000W , 4000W , 5000W High strength, high rigidity box type welding machine frame, high precision linear guide and rack driving and bilateral drive system to strengthen the accuracy and stability of the machine running ; Integrally cast aluminum beam, strong rigidity, light weight, small inertia, fast response, machine acceleration of 0.6 G, empty moving speed of 72 m/s, improving the processing ability of the equipment. Equipment machining accuracy for a long time to keep within + / - 0.05 mm. Independent, professional smoke dust, smoke dust effect is good, good working environment of the factory. Applicable materials: professional used to cut thin sheet metal, in a variety of high-quality cutting 0.5 ~ 10mm carbon steel sheet, 0.5 ~ 4mm stainless steel plate, can also be cutting aluminum alloy plate, galvanized sheet, electrolytic plate, silicon steel, titanium alloy, aluminum zinc plate and other metal materials. Main features: 1, photoelectric conversion efficiency can reach 30%, two times that of CO2; 2, less consumption of power source, CO2 is 20% ~ 30%; 3, no laser working gas, can save a lot of laser maintenance cost; 4, optical fiber transmission, without reflection lens, do not need to adjust the light path. Product features: 1,Gantry double drive structure, smooth and reliable movement; 2,Independent research and development design, the manufacture of machine tool bed, special processing technology, machine tool precision, stable and reliable, long life; 3,Precision gear rack drive, with high response and high precision servo motor; 4,The international first-class quality of fiber laser, industrial application for many years, long service life, maintenance free, stable and reliable; 5,High precision laser cutting head, imported optical lenses, is focused on the fine, the adjustment is convenient, cutting perfect; 6,A double closed-loop control capacitive height controller, low requirement to the steel sheet, cutting quality is stable and reliable; 7,CNC system is concise and easy operation, low requirements for the operator; 8,Cutting graphic input multiple formats, powerful draw and edit graphics function; 9,Special cutting software, cutting technology experts, data call functions; Basic configration No. Description Brand Origin 1 Machine main body Prima China 2 CNC operationg carbinet Prima China 3 Smoke dust sucking structure Prima China 4 air conditioning cabinet Prima China 5 Fiber Laser IPG-700W Germany 6 Laser cutting head RayTools Swiss 7 laser chiller Han's/S&A China 8 CNC system CypCut China 9 Capacitive THC CypCut China 10 Servo motor Schneider France 11 Gear rack YYC/ Level 6 precision Taiwan 12 Linear Guide Hiwin Taiwan 13 Precision reducer Neugar German 14 Proportional valve SMC Japan 15 high-pressure valve SMC Japan 16 Electronic pieces Schneider France 17 Solenoid valve SMC Japan 18 Air cylinder AirTAC Korea 19 Air Conditioner WINHENG China 20 Cutting software CypCut China 21 Composing software SmartNest China Detailed Photos: About Prima Factory: Nanjing Prima CNC Machinery Co., Ltd. is located in the center of China's machine tool industry, Mingjue Industrial Park , Shiqiu Town, Lishui Zone, Nanjing Our company specializes in Table type CNC Fiber Laser cutting machine, exchangeable table cnc fiber laser cutting machine, press brake, shearing machine , ironworker, punching machine , HVAC ducting machine and other metal forming forging equipment development and sales, our product positioning in the middle-top quality class. We commit a modern enterprise management methods, committed management and meticulous managemen

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