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3 IN1 LASER WELDING MACHINE PRODUCT APPLICATION TECHNICAL PARAMETER Model HY-WA01 HY-WA01 HY-WA01 Max laser power 1000W 1500W 2000W Welding depth (SS) 2.68mm 3.59mm 4.57mm Welding depth (CS) 2.06mm 2.77mm 3.59mm Welding depth (Al) 2mm 3mm 4mm Max Cleaning Width 40MM Total power consumption ≤3KW ≤4.5KW ≤6KW Cooling system Water chiller Auto-wire feeding 0.8-1.2 wire 0.8-1.6 wire 0.8-1.6 wire Shielding gas flow 20 L/min (Ar Or N) Power supply 220V 50&60HZ 380V /50&60HZ FEATURES Flexible for welding/cutting/cleaning work-piece with an optical fiber up to 8-10 m. The weld seam is smooth with nice appearance, no grinding or only a little grinding. Applicable to a variety of welding processes, including spot welding, seam welding and overlap welding. A contact-less cleaning for metal rust removal, paint removal, oil grease dirt removal. Easy cut on metal for optional using. With Use program-controlled robot can weld sharp parts with specific routine, can cut metal in specific shape. It's simple and easy to handle, and do not need a traditional professional welder. Do not need wear face-mask instead of wear the laser protective goggles. Low use-cost. Low power consumption, low gas consumption and low lens consumption. ABOUT US FAQ Q1. How to select the suitable machine? Tell us your material, detail requirements by words, pictures or video. We will recommend you the suitable model with the reasonable price. Q2. How about the lead time? For the standard machine, the delivery time is 3-7 days after the payment. For the non-standard machine, the delivery time is 7-15 days after the payment. Q3. How to install and use it? We have the instruction Book, Operational manual and Training Video inside the machine. We also can provide the training on line by free. Q4. How to do it if we meet the issue during the operation? You can send the wrong information to us by mail, we can help us solve it by mail. phone, or video communication. Q5. If we want to learn how to operate the machine, Can you provide it? Yes, we can. We can provide the on line training by video. We also provide free training course in our company. Q6. Do you provide the onsite service if we needed? Yes. We can provide the onsite service if you needed. But need the customer pay for the transport, hotel, food and 100USD/day.

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