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Laboratory Heating Equipment is a very important category in the Instruments & Meters industry. A good Laboratory Heating Equipment can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Laboratory Heating Equipment available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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Product Description: It has the characteristics of energy-saving and water-saving anti-fouling. Lab Digital display High and low temperature circulating device belongs to the high and low temperature oil bath. Working Principle: the data programmed by intelligent temperature controller for the equipment, a feedback temperature data container temperature control system, the controller can control the refrigeration compressor. The liquid circulation of the whole system of the high and low temperature series devices is closed, and the system has an expansion container. The expansion container and the liquid circulation system are adiabatic, which do not participate in the liquid circulation, but only mechanically connected. Regardless of the temperature of the circulating liquid, the medium in the expansion container always keeps room temperature. Since the whole liquid circulation is an airtight system, there is no water vapor absorption at low temperature and no oil mist generation at high temperature. Our company can provide wide working temperature heat conduction oil. so the same machine with the same heat conduction medium can reach - 20 ºC -- 200 ºC temperature control. Product Features: 1. New device owning Low temp instrument and high temp device to itself. Under the market research and careful development, our company finishes the products. 2. Adopt international original famous sealing compressor, reliable quality, and advanced performance. 3. Refrigeration compressors and other key parts take advantage of products with high quality machines and have high reliability and efficiency. 4. Heating device is anti-pressure stainless steel capacity ,can be anti-corrosion, rust, protect low & high temp liquid pollution. 5. Digital display, clearly, operate easily. 6. Multi-function(cooling,heating,circulating),reasonable power ,save lab space. 7. High temp control use air switch press, solid relay, efficient and intelligent instrument, so start and operate is no sparkle, safely. Also it has Delay, overheating, voltage etc many protection function. Product Parameters GDSZ-5 Match double layer reactor 2-10L Storage tank volume 5L Heating volume 2L Heating tank size(mm) ¢90×270 Temperature Range -20/+200ºC Best environment temperature ≤25ºC Around humidity ≤60ºC No-load minimum temperature -20ºC Voltage and Hertz 220V±10% 50HZ Heating power 2000W Cooling power 1956-602W Meter temperature range -100ºC-400ºC Temperature accuracy ±0.1ºC Sensor PT100 Medium viscosity 500C.S.T Circulating pump power 100w Pump head 7m Flow 20L/min Pressure 4Mpa Cooling mechanism Closed compressor Cold medium R22 specification Closed leak-free pumps Inlet and outlet nozzle 4#(low inlet, high outlet) temperature control method Microcomputer intelligent temperature control, liquid crystal display Display temperature resolution In the range of temperature control, the minimum display value of 0.1 security protection delay, leakage, over current, over heat protection Body material Power Anti-corrosive Size(mm) 630*550*1060 Weight(KG) 80