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Product Description The water cooled screw uses semi seal double screw type compressor, and the chiller using the single return route or the multi-loop design, the module is easy to maintain, putting the protect and control facility into the control box, the main engine's operating conditions shows by the computer monitor. The unit assembling finishes in the factory, the products can leave the factory after running debugging. This series of chiller applicable scope includes: market, office, commercial building, factory workshop, guesthouse, hospital and civil construction facility. Main parts <1>Compressor The compressor uses the positive displacement double helix design, suitable for many kinds of refrigerant, the compressor contains two spiral rotor, the negative rotor was driven by positive rotor, the double torsion positive displacement makes the pure rotation movement, make the vibration to be minimum, wide adjustment scope, it has the high efficiency and smooth air current's characteristic in the air absorption, compression and air exhaust processes, the compressor's lubrication and the aeroseal selects the differential pressure oil supply method, do not need lubrication oil pump. The compressor is installed oil separator inside. The oil separator and the compressor is combined, enable the compressor to have the smallest outlook, simplifies the cold intermediary circulation process. There is second oil separator between air exhaust outlet and condenser for full liquid type chiller to let less cooling oil enter onto the system and improve the heat exchange efficiency. The slide valve driven by electric valve and liquid pressure system made into the float capacity adjustable system, it can come true part load operation, and the compressor can reach 25%-100% subsection adjustment. It also can use fuzzy control principle to realize the continuance energy regulation matching with the building load fully. <2>Shell & tube evaporator & condenser Shell: high quality steel plate special for pressure vessel; The manufacturing and the experiment conform to the national standards "Refrigerating unit with Pressure vessel" NB/T47012-2010 rules. Adopting fire and water proof thermal insulation material for outside; the baffle of evaporator is PVC project plastic with strong resistance to corrosion and tight seal, making the cooling water up and down along the baffle to improve the turbulent flow effect and the heat exchanging ability. There is current-sharing equipment for refrigerant inlet to keep the same refrigerant in each heat exchange tube and improve the whole chiller heat exchange efficiency. Copper tube: high efficiency DAC corrugated type inner thread heat exchange copper tube; strengthening refrigerant side heat exchange ability and improving the heat transfer coefficient to insure the unit good cooling and heating effect. <3>Expansion valve Electric expansion control system can reach 2600 step for control accuracy; controlling the refrigerant to air suction super heat and pressure matched with electric system to insure the chiller operation at the best condition and play the chiller biggest ability. <4>Power distribution control box: Including compressor start equipment, power protector and micro computer controller. Famous brand wide temperature type electrical components. The microcomputer controller uses the well-known brand wide warm electric appliance parts, the microcomputer controller can work stably under the ambient temperature from -15&ordm;C to 65&ordm;C, it has the automatic control function and has RS-232, the RS-485 standard communication connection joint, may realize the remote control. Microcomputer control characteristic: The enactment and show of cold water temperature. Auto en

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