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Grinding Ball is a very important category in the Tools & Hardware industry. A good Grinding Ball can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Grinding Ball available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Grinding Ball are made from various kinds of features such as Content, >90%, 75% ~ 80%, 60% ~ 65%, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Content for example, you can find >90% Content, 75% ~ 80% Content and more.

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High quality Forged Steel Grinding Ball/Grinding Media for Mine DESCRIPTION 1. Grade: 45#,50Mn,60Mn,65Mn,B2,B3,BL,BG 2. Diameter: 15mm-150mm 3. Hardness: HRC 55-65 4. Breakage Rate:<1% 5. Impact Value: >12j/Cm^2 6. Falling ball times: &ge;20000s Forged(Rolling) Steel Ball Classification and Chemical Composition Two hot sale grinding balls specially designed for ball mill and SAG mill ABOUT US Shandong Shengye Grinding Bal Co, Ltd is a professional factory specialize in the production of forged / hot rolled grinding balls, alloy grinding steel rods for more than 10 years, annual output is 100,000 tons. we have 10 worlds advanced forging and automatic rolling production lines that can meet customers' complex demands. ShengYe has passed international and industrial certifications such as TUV ISO900, ISO14001, Iso45001, etc and also passed the double certification of SGS and BV as qualified factories. Our first-class laboratory equipped with advanced testing equipment, such as spectrometer, hardness tester, drop tester, impact tester. etc.. to ensure that our products from the raw material into the factory to the production process to the shipment of every link quality control assurance and traceability. Our customers spread all over southeast Asia, Africa, Latin America which involved more than 40 countries. We have good business cooperation with China and the world-renowned large mining companies as well as cement plants, thermal power plants and chemical plants and have received favorable comments from them. PRODUCTION PROCESSING 1.Customized production of raw materials&#8594;2.raw materials inspection&#8594;3.put the raw material into the stove and heat it to a certain temperature&#8594;4.forging / hot rolling process&#8594;5.Isothermal process&#8594;6.Quenching&#8594;7.natural cooling&#8594;8.Tempering&#8594;9.Comprehensive product inspection&#8594;10.Packaging and storage WHY CHOOSE US 1. We are a solid grinding ball supplier with 15 years reputation guarantee; 2. Advanced manufacturing techniques and complete testing equipment; 3. Adequate and rich range of material stock We have the stock of common material 10,000 tons in the warehouse, which enables us to match materials quickly or customize special materials from steel mills according to customers' demand. We can guarantee the product performance since we are equipped with first-class laboratory detection and strong quality team. 4. Fast delivery 6 high-speed automatic production lines and 4 hammer-forged production lines with an annual output of 100,000t ensure our faster delivery. We have running stock of 10000tons/month, we can meet your demand for either bulk procurement or small orders of high frequency. 5. Quality assurance 6. Better service system QUALITY ASSURANCE 1. The highest quality of raw material We only purchase directly from large regular steel groups in China. And all raw materials are strictly inspected before entering the warehouse. 2. Advanced production lines and experienced operators ShengYe has 6 high-speed automatic production lines and 4 hammer-forged production lines with an annual output of 100,000t. Covering the specifications of DIA15-150 mm and all materials to meet customers' different requirements. All of the operators are well trained and have more than 5 years of experience in forging ball manufacturing. 3. Unique heat treatment technical ensure the grinding ball performance Heat treatment is another important factor that will influence grinding balls' quality. The high-quality grinding balls shall be tough and uniform in hardness. ShengYe has adopted unique complex heat treatment craft. By repeated quenching, the quenching liquid temperature control, the continuou

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