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MD-S210 High Precision Digital Pressure Gauge Technical Characteristics: Product Description 55x 55 mm large-size LCD screen. 105mm diameter,304 SS shell 5digits display, main & sub- screen dual screen design 10 units are available: MPa/kPa/psi/BAR/Pa/mBAR/mmHg/mH2O/Torr/Kgf/cm low power design,3 AA batteries and can lasts up to 3600 hours Product certificate: CE, Explosion Certificate Exib IICT4 Detailed Photos Product Parameters PS:Accuracy 0.5% FS will be higher than 0.1% FS. Pressure gauge difference, Price will be difference. With RS485 Output, Cost need extra USD20/piece. Product Application Mechanical electronics industry Supporting equipment of instrument Pressure Laboratory Construction mech automation Replace the pointer precision pressure gauge and can be used as a standard pressure gauge for verifying pressure transmitters & ordinary pressure gauges Company Profile

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