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Garage Door is a very important category in the Construction & Decoration industry. A good Garage Door can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Garage Door available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Garage Door are made from various kinds of features such as Thickness, 40mm, 50mm, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Thickness for example, you can find 40mm Thickness, 50mm Thickness and more.

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The Best Garage Door Products

Full Vision Customized Morden Full Transparent Insulated Automatic Polycarbonate Sliding Sectional Overhead Lifting Aluminium Frame Clear Glass Garage Door Scope of application: The perspective sliding doors are widely used in various modern industrial factory, auto 4S shops and other places, with beautiful appearance, smooth opening, safe and reliable, low noise, high density, good sealing and thermal insulation performance, saving installation space and improve the production efficiency and other notable features, iit give us bright and pleasant environment, the largest viewing area and modern appearance. It is made of double layer high quality hot dip galvanized steel sheet and imported polyurethane energy saving material,according to the size of the door and the need for flexible choice, the door plate don't have the steel reinforced backplane.Part of the door: combinate a new type of aluminum alloy with the high quality German material polycarbonate PC board .Not only let the industrial buildings and commercial buildings have a beautiful appearance, but also to adapt to various types of high roof lift. Color of Frame The standard color of the electric sliding door is transparent, and it can be used in many other colors Balance system External torsion spring system of the electric sliding door can work more than 30000 working cycles. Sealing of the door The U shaped rubber sealing strip at the bottom is perfect combined with the door panel through the the high quality aluminum material It have the vinyl resin wear-resistant seal on both side and top,ensure the integrity of the seal, dust-proof waterproof infiltration, effective energy consumption. Channel door (optional) High quality strength alumina, dark type integral hinge ensure the appearance and long Department of the door body deformation, surrounded by imported sealing strips, sealing, anti friction, noise reduction, door width 750mm-900mm,door height 1800mm-2100mm, Can equipped with double handle and door closer. The observation window (optional) The electric sliding door is equipped with oval or rectangle. The double layer organic glass is combined with the high performance rubber window frame. It is strong and beautiful.Lighting and insulation performance is good. Technical data Max dimension W12000mm,H8000mm. Opening and closing speed 20cm-40cm/s Power supply 220V&plusmn;10%V,50/60HZ or 380V&plusmn;10%V,50/60HZ Door panel thickness 40mm/50mm/Back rib door Optional Transparent Material Polaycarbonate glass,Tempered Glass Wind resistence Beaufort scale11grade, 28m/s Sound insulation level <=60dB Insulation level:: 1.5 W/m&deg;C Water tightness 30 Pa Thermal Conductivity &le;0.033W/m.k Main Features: a.UV proof b.Impact-resistance and buglar resistance Balance System a.Balance the weight of door through the torsion spring b.Easily manual operation c.Reduce motor load greatly d.Prolong the service life of the motor Safety device: Airbag protection, door anti-fall device, wire rope anti-break protection device Advantage High quality aluminum alloy material High quality raw materials poly-carbonate PC board PC board Thickness 3mm-5mm Excellent UV resistance Impact resistance is 100 times than glass Motor remote control operation Multiple safety protection device Highlight architectural tast Why Choose Us? Over the years, our company has been working with the well-known manufacturers work closely with gated, has introduced the latest and most sophisticated production equipment of various volumes gate. The use of superior Quality raw materials and high-quality components, and adhere to the " excellence, precision production" product concept, to ensure the production

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