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Product Description 3D Atc CNC Router Cutting Machine for Woodworking Advertising signs Making wood door Furniture Designs Aluminum Metal acrylic wood MDF Carving 1530/2030/2060 Detailed Photos Automatic tool disc changer BCM1325D series is a cnc router designed by BCAM for automatic disc changer. This series is more automatic than BCM1325S manual tool change series. It is faster than BCM1325C series tool change, eliminating manual The cumbersome tool change shortens the tool change time and makes the cnc router more precise. Spindle One of the most important parts of any wood machine is the spindle system. We only use Italian HSD Spindles on our ATC CNC Router machines, with unrivaled speed and performance you know you have made the right choice. Our ATC's come complete with 9.6Kw rated units. Syntec 6MA controller Enabling this product to accomplish multi-layer 3D jobs, cutting, engraving and milling, all with easy. Safety Protection System The BCAM D Series has the unique safety protection system of BCAM products, and provides external emergency stop function for equipment users. This function can effectively protect the personal safety of the equipment users, meets European safety CE standards, and is very popular among users. Application 1.Furniture industry: wooden doors, cabinet doors, board, office, solid wood furniture 2.Other wood products industry: speakers, game consoles cabinets, computer tables, sewing machine table, musical instruments, etc. 3.Board processing industry: insulation piece, plastic chemical products; PCB; fast train inside body, bowling tracks, stairs; compact grade laminate, epoxy resin, ABS, PP, PE and other cementitious mixtures's milling process 4.Decoration industry: folding screen, wave plates, large wall, advertising boards, signs and logo's processing. Packaging & Shipping 1.How is the packing? 1).The Big size manual 3d cnc router machines woodworking with oversea service is packaged with Standard plywood case, its compressive strength and bearing quality is better. 2).the board area is bit, the soil structure is good, it is better in leakproofness and waterproof. 3).when importing, the plywood case is with fumigation-free, the procedure is simple. 2.How long is the delivery time? For standard machine, it would be 7-10 working days; For non-standard and customized machines according to client's specific requirements, it would be 15-30 working days. Certifications After Sales Service #24 months guarantee of 3d wood cnc cutting machines router with auto tool changer, we will provide the consumable parts at an agency price when you need replacement. # Main parts(excluding the consumables) shall be changed free of charge if there is any problem during the warranty period # Software is on update for free whole life. # Our engineer could support you technology to your country if necessary. # Our engineer could service on weekend even on vacation. # Our engineer could train you in our factory for free. # Our engineer could service you 24 hours online by Skype, yahoo, msn, QQ, or by cellphone. # English manual and CD video for machine using and maintaining will send to you with the machine. Company Profile BCAM has more than 15 years experience, and has built and installed thousands of machines for industries including Aluminum & Metal Composite Cladding, Sign making, Graphics & Print Finishing, Cabinetry, Woodworking, Plastic Fabrication, Metal Fabrication, Foam Packaging, Point of Purchase, Solid Surface and many more sectors and specialty areas. FAQ Q1: How do I get the best price? A: Different type of CNC machine apply to the different price. Q2: What machine suits me best? A: Different material and the different model apply to the dif

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