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Trehalose Product name: Trehalose Cas No.: 6138-23-4 Other Names: alpha-D-Glucopyranosyl-alpha-D-glucopyranoside Molecular Formula: C12H22O11.2(H2O) Molecular Weight: 378.33 Specifications: Qingdao YLSCH Industry&Trade Co.,Ltd.A new type of chemical enterprise,has more than 30 years of experience in the production and sale of Food additives and organic chemical.Our products have exported most countries in the international market, such as France, Turkey, Italy, Russia,Brazil and other countries. YLSCH was contribute to improve the products quality and customer satisfaction since we Established. All of our production are follow ISO9001 quality assurance system and we have obtained the ISO9001 certificate. YLSCH can provide all kinds of Trehalose which are widely used in food, cosmetic,Pharmaceutical industry,agricultureand other industries. With more than 30 years of experience in export trading, our team has a comprehensive quality control process and quality control regulation to meet the quality requirements of our customers. With competitive prices, stable quality and good service, our food chemicals have won a great reputation in the international markets. Meantime, we can provide tailor-solutions including technical supports according to different customer requirements to help clients to expand their business. Our joint-venture factories and long-standing supply factories can grasp the production schedule and production quality at all hours to ensure the safe and punctual delivery of our products in the premise of guaranteeing quality. Application: Food Industry 1 Bakery products and western - style cakes Products 2 Sweets Products 3 Pudding & Ice-cream Products 4 Beverages Products 5 Rice and Flour Products 6 Aquatic products & seafood Cosmetics Industry Trehalose can effectively protect the epidermis cell, effective against skin aging, gently moisturize skin, make the skin luster, bright, tender, smooth, naturally healthy and elasticity. Trehalose, as a new generation of super moisturizing will become a focus in the cosmetics consumption. Product Description: Trehalose, also known as mycose or tremalose, is a natural alpha-linked disaccharide formed by an α,α-1,1-glucoside bond between two α-glucose units.In 1832, H.A.L. Wiggers discovered trehalose in an ergot of rye, and in 1859 Marcellin Berthelot isolated it from trehala manna, a substance made by weevils, and named it trehalose. It can be synthesised by bacteria,fungi, plants, and invertebrate animals. It is implicated in anhydrobiosis - the ability ofplants and animals to withstand prolonged periods of desiccation. It has high water retention capabilities, and is used in food and cosmetics. The sugar is thought to form a gel phase ascells dehydrate, which prevents disruption of internal cell organelles, by effectively splinting them in position. Rehydration then allows normal cellular activity to be resumed without the major, lethal damage that would normally follow a dehydration/rehydration cycle. Trehalose has the added advantage of being an antioxidant. Extracting trehalose used to be a difficult and costly process, but, recently, the Hayashibara company (Okayama, Japan) confirmed an inexpensive extraction technology from starch for mass production. Trehalose is currently being used for a broad spectrum of applications. Packing: 20KG/25KG plastc inner bags. 20kg or 25kg drums. 20KG/25KG net cartons with PE bag liner or following customers' demandsStorage:Store in a cool and dry place and Keep away from strong light and heat. Certificate:ISO9001,ICO20000,SGS Certificate,ORTHODOX UNION,HALAL Certificate,FDA certificate.

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