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Fast Fold Mobile Screens are perfect for convenient mobile usage. Using flexible front or rear screen material to ensure the screen surface perfect flat. Its aluminum foldable joint frame design makes the best performance with fast and easy installation. Supplied with flight case for every screen, the screen is widely used for presenters on the move for indoor/outdoor events, exhibitions, conference usage. Fast Fold Screen features an easy to set up and sturdy design. There are no parts to install and no tools are needed as the frame and support utilize its own connectors and come with turn knobs built in. Its robust frame ensures it can hold up to the toughest of challenges. With a design that focused on the fast and easily assembly, it's the perfect solution for mobile presentations and performances Features of Fast Fold Screen * The innovative fold-and-lock mechanism helps make setup and takedown easy. It also ensures the frame is firm and secure when in use. The solid corner design adds safety by helping increase the rigidity of the overall structure. The professionally designed frame is sturdy yet light and easy to transport. * The screen is fixed by multiple points on each frame bar, this ensures the screen will be installed flat and wrinkle-free * All pieces including the frame, support and screen fabric are designed to fir into one case which greatly saves space for transportation. The designer commercial carrying case combines heavy duty functionality with style * Compact & Durable Main applications Business Presentation, Hotel, Education, Exhibition, Party, Concert and other large mobile presentations and performances etc Fabrics are available on our Fast Fold Screen * Flexible Front Projection White * Flexible Rear Projection Gray * Flexible 3D Silver Fast Folding Projection Screen,Fast Fold Screen,Fast Folding Projector Screen,Easy Fold Screen,Fast Fold movie screen,quick fold screen,quick fold projection screen,quick fold projector screen,Easy Fold Projection Screen

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