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Filter Bag & Cartridge is a very important category in the Industrial Equipment & Components industry. A good Filter Bag & Cartridge can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Filter Bag & Cartridge available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Filter Bag & Cartridge are made from various kinds of features such as Cartridge Filter, Wood Pulp Fiber Filter, Non-Woven Polyester Fiber, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Cartridge Filter for example, you can find Wood Pulp Fiber Filter Cartridge Filter, Non-Woven Polyester Fiber Cartridge Filter and more.

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General Information The large 6inch(152mm) diameter BC series filter cartridge with unique sealing device adjusts to fit into most existing size 1 and size 2 bag filter housings. The multiple layers with depth pleated design provides higher removal efficiencies and longer service life than other cartridges of equal efficiency. Customers no longer have to choose between cartridge and bag technologies. The cartridge with in-to-out flow design ensures that the unwanted particles are trapped with the element. One BC filter replaces few standard 10"filter cartridges, BC Series element offer higher surface area than conventional cartridge or bag technologies to reduce the operating costs and making change out quickly and easily for critical applications. Applications Features - Available in Economic/Nominal/absolute structure, particle removal rating from 0.5 to 120 Micron - 100% polypropylene components provide wide chemical compatibility, suitable for using in a variety of fluids - Multiple pleated layers media constrution with high filtration area - Easily to retrofit into existing size 1 and size 2 bag housing - Large 152mm cartridge diameter suitable for high flow/high contaminant applications - The inside-to-outside fluid flow ensures the unwanted particles are trapped with the element - Lower filtration costs due to fewer filter elements,lower labor costs due to less cartridges change-outs - Meets FDA requirements for food contact Quality - Filter Cartridges are manufactured in a clean room environment - Manufactured according to ISO9001:2015 certified Quality Management System Food Contact Compliance - Material of construction comply with FDA regulations for food and beverage contact use as detailed in the US Code of Federal Regulations 21CFR. - Materials used to produce filter media and hardware meets the specifications for biological safety per USP Calss VI-121C for plastics. - Filter cartridges passed European Commission Directives (EU10/2011) Product Specifications Ordering Information Other Popular Products About Us We are the pioneer and leading manufacturer for filter industry. Over the past 25 years, Darlly has grown from 4 employees to more than 500 employees. We have US and EU R&D center and warehouses. We focus on technology innovation and devote to supply best eco-friendly filtration solutions to all the industries. Based on comprehensive process knowledge, we provide variety of standard filter products, not only supply standard filtration products for customer's selection, but also design and customize according to customer's requirements. We are a high-tech company focusing on quality with competitive price.Filtering everything is our mission, let's work together to make the world cleaner.

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