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IoT-based Wireless Power Meter ADW300 wireless meter is mainly used to measure three-phase active power in the low-voltage network. It has the functions of RS485 communication and 470MHZ wireless communication. It is convenient for users to monitor, collect and manage electricity. It can be flexibly installed in the distribution box to realize the measurement, statistics, and analysis of individual electric energy in different regions and loads. Input voltage Nominal voltage 3*220/380V,3*380V,3*57.7/100V3*100V Frequency 50Hz-60Hz Consumption <0.5VA(B phase,C phase) Input current Maximum current 6A Starting current 0.002A Consumption <2VA Accuracy Class 0.5S Temperature accuracy &plusmn;2&ordm;C Pulse Width 80&plusmn;20ms Constant 6400imp/kWh Temperature Operating -25&ordm;C~55&ordm;C Storing -40&ordm;C~70&ordm;C Humidity &le;95%(No condensation) Altitude <2000m Function Function Description LCD display 8 digits Measurement of energy kWh (positive and negative) kvarh (positive and negative) A, B, C phase positive kWh Electrical parameters U,I,PQ,S,PF,Hz Harmonic 2-31st voltage and current harmonic Key programming 4 keys to communication and set parameters Temperature measurement A, B, C, N four-way temperature measurement(optional T) Dl/DO 4DI/2DO(Selection of K) Residual current 1-channel Communication Infrared RS485(Modbus-RTU)(Optional: C) 47OMHz Wireless Transmission (Optional: LR) GPRS Communication(Optional: 2G) NB-loT Communication(Optional: NB) Dimension Wiring Networking 4G WIFI SOLUTION LORA SOLUTION Steps FAQ Q:What's the biggest advantage of ADW300? A:ADW300 has its built-in wireless communication module which allow it to realize 4G LTE, WiFi, NB-IoT, LoRa upstream communication without using extra IoT gateways. For the application scenarios when the meters can't be of centralized installation, ADW300 will usually be the best option for monitor 3-phase circuits that were far from each other. Q: How should I deal with RS485 network communication malfunction? A: First, check if the wiring of RS485 communication line was loosened or wired incorrectly.(like reversely wiring the A,B terminal). Next, inspect if the meter's setting of address, baud rate, check bit were correct by using keypads on the meter. Q: What if LoRa communication of meters malfunctioned? A: First, use USB to RS485 serial converter to connect the meter with computer. Then use adjustment software to check if setting of meter is on consensus with the setting of master station. (setting of channel and spreading factor--SF) If the setting remains the same, then it might be due to large interference of work site or the excessively far range between meter and host. In that case, it's recommended to use chuck antenna or set a new master station nearby. Q: What's the difference between ADW300 and ADW300W A: ADW300 has internal current transformers and can select compatible current transformers according to the site current to realize a secondary connection via CTs. ADW300W on the other hand has external current transformers.(non-detachable or it will damage the meter) This kind of design extremely eases the wiring and installation if the work-site already has CTs. Q: What do 3&times;57.7/100V,3&times;220/380V,3&times;380/660V,3&times;100V,3&times;380V,3&times;660V represent respectively? A: The meter's spec of 3*100V,3*57.7/100V is suitable for high voltage power system while pairing with PT(potential transformer or voltage transformer). Beside, 3*100V represent 3-phase 3-wire and 3*57.7/100V represent 3-phase 4-wire. The meter's spec of 3*220/380V,3*380/660V,3*380V,3*660V is suitable for low voltage power system(directly connect with the meter).

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