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China big brush dry robot self wash machine car wash for business Product Description Haosheng Economic car washing equipment belongs to a fully intelligent automatic car washing machine, with the function of remote intelligence maintenance, monitoring, mobile payment, license plate recognition. The car washing control the complete machine adopts PLC programming control. It is equipped with a set of induction system. FUNCTION 1. Able to clean cars and various small vans. 2. Adopt the electrical components imported from well-know foreign manufacturers to ensure safety and reliability. 3. Unique fault self deductive system. 4. Adopt special car washing foam brush, with high cleaning effect and do no harm to the surface of the car. 5.Profiling powerful air dry system. 6. Adopt full-automatic PLC computer control system. 7. Adopt the galvanized frame structure. 8. Able to customize the Logo according to customers' requirements. Specification Details Images Company Profile

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