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Drone & UAV is a very important category in the Consumer Electronics industry. A good Drone & UAV can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Drone & UAV available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Drone & UAV are made from various kinds of features such as Certification, ISO9001, FCC, RoHS, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Certification for example, you can find ISO9001 Certification, FCC Certification and more.

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Product Description 1. Intelligent spraying, simple operation; The plant protection UAV is composed of three parts: flight platform, navigation flight control and spraying mechanism. The flight data of the drone can be viewed from the ground. Remote control assists drone status. Flight status and spray status can be controlled by the flight control system. Today's flight control systems operate completely autonomously and require relatively low operator requirements. 2. Air spraying, suitable for various terrain operations; Plant protection drones spray liquid into plants in the air. Its flight altitude can be designed independently. The aircraft can fly on plant surfaces and is suitable for flying on gentle slopes. The plant protection drone can also reset the altitude during flight, which is suitable for terraced spraying. Another type of height control for plant protection drones is called absolute altitude setting, which is used by drones to spray fruit trees or aquatic plants. 3. Fast spraying speed and high work efficiency; At present, the flight speed of the plant protection drone is 4-10 meters, and the flight speed can also be adjusted on the ground of the drone, so the spraying efficiency is very high. Detailed Photos 1. Adopt high efficiency brushless motor as power. The fuselage has small vibration, can be equipped with precision instruments, spraying pesticides and so on more accurately; 2. The terrain requirements are low, the operation is not limited by altitude, and it is in Tibet, Xinjiang and other high-altitude areas; 3. Short take-off adjustment, high efficiency, high attendance; 4. Environmental protection, no waste gas, in line with the national energy conservation and environmental protection and green organic agriculture development requirements; 5. Easy maintenance, low cost of use and maintenance; 6. The overall size is small, light weight, easy to carry; 7. Provide agricultural UAV power supply. 8. It has the function of real-time image transmission and real-time attitude monitoring 9. The spraying device has a self-stabilizing function to ensure that the spraying is always vertical to the ground 10. Semi-autonomous take-off and landing, switch to attitude mode or GPS attitude mode, just need to simply manipulate the throttle lever to easily operate the helicopter to take off and land smoothly. 11. Out-of-control protection, the helicopter can automatically hover in place when it loses the remote control signal, waiting for the signal to be restored. 12. The fuselage attitude is automatically balanced, the joystick corresponds to the fuselage attitude, and the maximum attitude is tilted by 45 degrees, which is suitable for dexterous large maneuvering flight action. 13. GPS attitude mode (standard version does not have this function, can be obtained by upgrading), precise positioning and height locking, even in windy weather, the accuracy of hovering will not be affected. 14. The tail rotor and the main rotor power of the new plant protection UAV are separated, so that the power of the main rotor motor is not depleted by the tail rotor, which further improves the load capacity and strengthens the safety and handling of the aircraft. This is also a direction for the development of unmanned helicopters. 15. High-speed centrifugal nozzle design, not only can control the liquid spraying speed, but also can control the size of the droplets, the control range is 10-150 microns. Product Parameters Packaging & Shipping Advantages of container shipping 1. Replacing manpower with mechanical loading and unloading can save labor; 2. It can reduce loading and unloading operations, shorten loading and unloading time, improve transportation efficiency, and speed up the turnover

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