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Detailed Photos Our Advantages Multifunctional Countertop Steam Oven Your One-stop Kitchen Solution The Oven will quickly become your one-stop kitchen solution by combining the following functions into one countertop appliance: steam, hi-temp steam, grill, convection, combi, fermentation, and sterilization. There is also a preheat and defrost mode to use instead of a microwave oven. Combi Cooking Mode The combi oven function combines grill, convection, and steam cooking modes to make your dishes tender and juicy on the inside, and browned,Crispy and flavorful on the outside. Extra Large Capacity The large interior has enough room to cook for your entire family. Whether you are toasting 9 slices of bread at the same time, popping in a 12 inch frozen pizza, or cooking an entire 18 lb turkey, you'll have enough room to do it all. Multi Oven Functions Multi different oven functions give you endless options to do dinner your own way. Steam, High-Temp Steam, Grill, Convection Oven, Combi (steam+grill+convection), Preheat, Defrost, Fermentation, Sterilize, and Descale (cleaning) modes are included. Product Description All durable 304 stainless steel for cavity High-precision temperature control technology for the stable temperature curve Multiple modes for pure steaming,pure roasting or steam roasting Stainless steel external water boiler Frameless coated glass,simple and easy to clean Anti-scalding three-layer glass door with large window design Movable dry heating tube design,which is easy to clean Stainless steel external water boiler,fool proofing design of water tank Hidden bottom dry heating tube effectively solves the problem of the bottom water accumulation Humanized design for the base handle Product function steam,high temperature steam,grill,hot air convection,steam grill,preheat ,defrost, fermentation, descaling,sterilization Product features 24-hour appointment, child lock function Sound alarm and stop working automatically after cooking Automatically stop working after the door is opened,and continue to work after closing the door Furnace light will be automatically on when the door is opened Product Parameters Certifications CCC,CE,CB,GS,FDA,ROHS

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