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Container Guide Fitting Loose Fittings Container Guide Fitting Loose Fittings: All elements of thecontainer stowage solution influence each other; understanding all these elements is necessary to define critical areas and find the best possible solutions. An efficient container stowage solution can only be achieved by treating the ship's hull and its cargo handling system as a single optimised entity, not as separate blocks. Consequently, parts of the container stowage system, such as the hatch covers, lashing bridges, container stanchions, loose and fixed container fittings on deck and in the holds, and the cell guide system in the cargo holds, should be considered from an overall container stowage solution point of view, not as separate products. Built-in efficiency: "The more efficient the container stowage solution is, the greater the number of TEUs a ship can carry, which, in turn, reduces the cost and emissions per carried TEU and subsequently per transported commodity, and at the same time increases the ship's profitability and income." MacGregor is unique as the only supplier who can design and deliver all these products for you and this enables us to take a whole-ship approach to make the most of each ship's container stowage system. Container Guide Fitting Loose Fittings Features:
Container Guide Fitting Loose Fittings

Container Guide Fitting Loose Fittings

US $ 50/ Piece FOB
MOQ: 10,000 Pieces
Since 2013
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