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Compressed Air Dryer is a very important category in the Industrial Equipment & Components industry. A good Compressed Air Dryer can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Compressed Air Dryer available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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Product Description Micro adsorption type compressed air dryer product introduction Tepefaction absorbing poly Hangzhou air separation equipment Co. Ltd production of compressed air dryer is absorbed by the heat absorption and no heat adsorption type compressed air dryer has developed into a kind of adsorption type dryer. It avoids the shortcomings of the non thermal adsorption type compressed air dryer with a short switching time and a large amount of regenerative air loss, but also overcomes the disadvantages that the thermal adsorption type compressed air dryer consumes electric energy. The dryer reasonable switching time, regeneration gas consumption less, is currently the most economical purification industry energy-saving adsorption dryer, widely used in electronics, food, metallurgy, electric power, petroleum, chemical, pharmaceutical, textile, tobacco, instrument and meter, automatic control and other industries. Working principle Micro adsorption type compressed air dryer is based on pressure swing adsorption principle, application of micro heating regeneration method for compressed air drying equipment. Under a certain pressure, so that the compressed air flows through the bottom of adsorbent bed (dry), at low temperature and high pressure, the compressed air in the water vapor to the adsorbent surface transfer or adsorbent to absorb moisture in the air to the balance that the compressed air drying, which is the process of adsorption (work). When the dry air pressure drop (regeneration air), after heating the gas expansion, then contact with water saturated adsorption agent, adsorbent regeneration to moisture in the air, until the balance, the sorbent is dry, this is the process of desorption (regeneration). Namely in the low temperature, high pressure water is absorbed (work), in the high temperature, low pressure water is desorption (regeneration). The dryer is a double tube structure, the cylinder is filled with adsorbent (dryer), when an adsorption tube in the drying process, the other adsorption tube in the process of desorption. Technical characteristics 1, heating control using non contact solid state switch, automatic constant temperature control, long life, with a variety of fault alarm function. 2, advanced variable program, stable operation, reliable. 3, the use of microcomputer control, digital display two tower alternately running state. 4, the use of safe and reliable control components, to ensure that the controller output signal safe and accurate to reach the target. 5, ensure that the finished product gas dew point is stable and reliable, low energy consumption. 6, the structure is simple and generous, humanized design, easy to operate and maintain. 7, in the micro part of the failure can be automatically switched to non thermal operation mode. 8, equipped with RS485/RS232 interface, remote communication, centralized monitoring and air compressor control. Technical index Working pressure: 0.6-1.0Mpa (according to the requirements of 1.0-1.3Mpa) Inlet temperature: 50 The product gas dew point: less than -40 DEG C (alumina) = -52 (molecular sieve) Regeneration gas consumption: less than 6% Pressure loss: less than 0.02Mpa Operation cycle: 60min Company Profile Hangzhou Poly Air Separation Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd is a professional manufacturer which produces PSA nitrogen making equipment, PSA oxygen making equipment, VPSA oxygen making equipment, compressed air purification equipment etc. The company combined with the R&D, design manufacturing and marketing. qualify with the perfect production conditions, equipment installation, configuration, maintenance and service. It also hire the expert in the field of new material and engineering thermodynamics as technical co

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