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Component Tester is a very important category in the Instruments & Meters industry. A good Component Tester can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Component Tester available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Component Tester are made from various kinds of features such as Function, Storage, Cleared, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Function for example, you can find Storage Function, Cleared Function and more.

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The Best Component Tester Products

TH2839 TH2839A Component Parameter Tester, Frequency 20Hz-10MHz MODEL Features High accuracy:Auto-balance bridge technology, 4-terminal pair High stability and consistency:Up to 15 test ranges High speed:Up to 7.7ms High resolution:7- inch, 800×600 201 Points List Sweep Function Multi-parameter Graphic Sweep Function Varactor diode automatic polarity function 10 bins sorting, sorting result with sound and light alarm Storage space: Internal: 40 groups of setting files,USB External: 500 groups of setting files, data log files and image files Simultaneous testing for Ls-RDC High compatibility: Support SCPI commands, compatible with KEYSIGHT E4980A, E4980AL, HP4284A etc. Specifications TH2839 TH2839A Component Parameter Tester, Frequency 20Hz-10MHz Applications 1. Passive component Impedance parameter estimation and performance analysis of capacitor, inductor, magnetic core, resistor, piezoelectric devices, transformers, chip components and network components 2. Semiconductor component Parasitic parameter test and analysis of LED driver integrated circuit C-VDC features of varactors Parasitic parameter analysis of transistors or integrated circuit 3. Other components Impedance assessment of printed circuit boards, relays, switches, cables, batteries 4. Dielectric material Dielectric constant and loss angle evaluation of plastics, ceramics and other materials 5. Magnetic materials Magnetic permeability and loss angle assessment of ferrite, amorphous body and other magnetic materials 6. Semiconductor materials Dielectric constant, electrical conductivity and C-V characteristics of semiconductor materials 7. Liquid crystal cell Dielectric constant, elastic constant and C-V characteristics of liquid crystal cell TH2839 TH2839A Component Parameter Tester, Frequency 20Hz-10MHz Accessary

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