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CKD-CLFA has 30W, 40W and 55W. APPLICATION On line fly marking, matches with conveyor, printing logo on plastic bottle, plastic pipe, woodworks, craft gifts, electronic components, ID cards, food and package, etc. Support dot mark, QR/BAR code coding, series number printing, producing date marking, vector design marking and so on. PROCESSING MATERIAL Most of non-metallic materials, such as clothes, leather, acrylic, paper, ceramics, PVC, ABS, plastic, bamboo, organic materials, epoxide resin, glass, wood and so on. ADVANTAGES ADJUSTABLE, MULTI - SCENE APPLICATION ONLINE MARKING SAMPLES CONVENIENT AND HUMANIZED DESIGN If the process contents are special and conplicated, recommend the laptop compter controller. APPLICATION ONLINE SERVICE: Send your inquiry by following message box, you will get an artificial feedback immidiately:

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