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MC-6230: Chemical Fiber Soft Smooth Raw Petroleum MC-6230 use for Polyester, nylon, coral fleece, flannel and other fabrics, give fabrics super soft, smooth hand and stability. It is a medium molecular weight self-emulsifying ternary block silicone oil, has good salt resistance, alkali resistance and heat resistance stability; excellent stability, ultra-low yellowing Product Series DongGuan MingChen Textile Science and Technology Co.Ltd is a professional Chinese manufacturer of textile finishing auxiliaries. At first, we used cotton, polyester-cotton knitting softener, and ice-feeling silicone oil to be invincible in the Guangdong market. After decades of development, our product categories are very rich, and the degree of specialization has been continuously improved. At present, the hot-selling products mainly include cotton/polyester cotton softener, denim washing water cotton feeling agent, deepening and brightening silicone oil, dustproof silicone oil, cold Duiwang, in addition to silicon spirit and other products,there are more products that can be searched in the store! We provide customized service, tell me the feel you want, then you will get the product you are satisfied with ! Packaging & Shipping Methods MingChen's raw materials are all high-quality materials imported from abroad. After the laboratory is developed and beaten, the factory is specialized in production. Our sample packaging unit is 250g per bottle, and the shipping unit is 125KG per Drum. We support four shipping methods, if you have special shipping methods and packaging methods, please contact us Application Scenarios MingChen's textile auxiliaries have a wide range of applications, suitable for cotton fabrics, polyester-cotton knitted fabrics, chemical fiber fabrics, nylon, polyester, nylon, acrylic rayon, denim and composite denim, angora, core-spun yarn and other textiles, special use please contact us Factory environment & Equipment Dongguan Mingchen Textile Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the most powerful manufacturers of textile feel auxiliaries in Guangdong Province. The factory covers an area of more than 3,000 square meters. It has a domestic top professional R&D team for product upgrading and customization. Provided a guarantee, with professional machinery and equipment, to ensure product quality and delivery speed. MingChen's sales staff have all received professional training, welcome to communicate with us about your current problems, we will give you the most professional answers and the best solutions Humanistic style Dongguan Mingchen Textile Science and Technology Co.,Ltd is a professional company specializing in the research and development and the production of textile-dyeing finishing agents. Supported by the domestic advanced technology and the valuable experience in the chemical industry for years, Mingchen has grown to be a well-known supplier in China. Mingchen is home to talents in the industry with abundant product innovation and marketing innovation experience. The company continues to introduce experienced senior technicians in relevant areas and at the same time has established experimental bases with Soochow University in Jiangsu Province and Hunan Institute of Textiles Engineering, integrating research, production with learning. Devoted to providing professional handle finish solutions, Mingchen has become a reliable vendor for clients by virtue of the superior products. Cumulative efforts have been made by the company to become a hi-tech enterprise integrating R&D, technological innovation with trade. Main products: ice feel silicone series, mercerized silicone series, hydrophilic silicone series,terpolymer silicone oil series, amino silicone oil seriesand others.Adhering to the principle tha

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