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CNC Machine Tools is a very important category in the Manufacturing & Processing Machinery industry. A good CNC Machine Tools can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of CNC Machine Tools available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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Product Description Use the right tools to achieve perfect bending results when air bending, embossing, and 3-point bending. XINMECHAN's extensive range of high-quality press brake tools meets various bending demands. Our bending tools are capable of unleashing the full potential of the machine's features, press brake tooling is available for machines from 120KN to 30000KN, to ensure that your parts are always bent with utmost precision. Advantages: 1. Fast and easy to configure tool lengths 2. Extremely accurate, fast, safe, and flexible 3. Suitable for all press brakes and all bending applications 4. For extreme precision and bending performance 5. Very high workload capacity and maximum durability 6. Very high-quality finish 7. Provides maximum long-term performance Material and Hardness: Optimum materials: 1. 42CrMo4, tempered to 1100 - 1200 N/mm2 2. C45, tempered to 800 - 850 N/mm2 3. C45, 650 - 800 N/mm² Hardness: 52 - 55 HRC Surface Coating and Refinement: 1. No tool contamination while bending zink-coated sheets and aluminum 2. No ferritic infection at stainless steel 3. Less friction coefficient 4. Higher lifetime 5. Non-corroding 6. Minimized adhesion of material abrasion of the bent part Product Parameters Please send us the drawing for accurate shape and size, refer to below picture. The below sizes are for bending tools for some standard models of press brakes, for your reference. We also can make the bending punch/die by custom. MODEL OF PRESS BRAKE UPPER DIE (MM) LOWER DIE(MM) 40T/2000 2000x70x18 2000x55x55 40T/2000 2000x80x18 2000x75x75 40T/2000 2000x90x30 2000x55x55 40T/2000 2000x150x26 2000x55x50 63T/2500 2000x85x28 2500x70x70 63T/2500 2500x150x25 2500x65x65 63T/2500 2500x85x28 2500x55x55 63T/2500 2500x100x20.5 2500x70x70 80T/3200 3200x80x18 3200x95x95 100T/3200 3200x150x26 3200x95x95 100T/3200 3250x86x28 3250x75x75 100T/3200 3200x72x30 3200x100x100 100T/3200 3250x80x25 3250x95x95 100T/3200 3200x85x25 3200x75x75 100T/3200 3200x80x25 3200x95x95 160T/3200 3200x90x56 3200x110x110 160T/4000 4000x80x25 4000x110x110 160T/4000 4000x90x30 4000x110x110 160T/4000 4000x134x34 4000x120x120 These are only some typical sizes. More are available. Please contact us for further information. OEM service is also available. Just send us the drawing. Our proficient engineers will take care of the rest. Standard mold: 1. When ordering a standard mold, select the mold's shape. 2. Provide the total length, angle, sharp R, die height, etc. 3. The mold that needs to be divided can be divided into dimensions. The special bending forming mold: 1. Provide the cross-section shape drawing of the product workpiece. 2. Provide bending machine manufacturer, tonnage, length, and other relevant data. 3. Provide product material, plate thickness, and other data. 4. Put forward product requirements (such as scratch, R angle size, parallelism, and straightness). 5. Provide product materials (for mold test). 6. If there is any difficulty in selecting the mold, please consult us. Certifications We are constantly involved in technological innovation and technical improvement to supply more advanced products for you. We had implemented the international quality system standards fully. Each process of production and delivery is to the requirements of national and industry standards as well as users' needs strictly. We can guarantee the products our customers received are of superior quality. Packaging & Shipping Company Profile With more than twenty years of experience in manufacturing, XINMECHAN provides press brake tooling of outstanding quality. We sele

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