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Brake is a very important category in the Auto, Motorcycle Parts & Accessories industry. A good Brake can make a big difference in your comfort and productivity. There are many styles of Brake available, so you can choose one that's well suited to your needs.

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At made-in-china.com, Brake are made from various kinds of features such as Type, Brake Pads, Brake System, Brake Lining, which offer unique user experiences to every kind of taste.
Take Type for example, you can find Brake Pads Type, Brake System Type and more.

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Products features: - We offer GREAT PERFORMANCE brake pads for customer: - Safe & comfortable braking performance. - Asbestos-free, environment-friendly. - Noise-free, Life-long. - We supply brake pads FEATURING: - Formulae (more than 30%) imported. - Different formulaelow-metallic, semi-metallic, ceramic tailored to respective requirements of markets and customers. - Original quality shim imported form Japan to reduce squealing noise while braking. - Strong material of stable fiction coefficient under a wide range of temperatures. Item Description Disc brake pad Auto Brake Pad Car brake pad Sample Samples available Quality Guarantee 30000KM-60000KM MOQ 100-200 sets Materials Aramid Fiber, Ceramic Fiber, Copper, Iron Fiber, Phenol Resin, Carbon Fiber, Graphite, Aluminum oxide..... Friction Coefficient 0.37-0.42 Temp. Tolerance 450ºC-600ºC Shear Strength 3.40 Certificates ISO9001/TS16949/E-MARK/R90 Customizing Thickness, Printing Color, Logo and Packaging Packaging Color Strong Box Delivery 20-40 Days Quality Control 1. Material Inspection 2. Production Inspection: Initial checking and Patrol checking 3. Lab. Inspection: Friction Coefficient, Shear Strength, Hardness, Density Product Brake pad Advantage No noise,No dust,Safety,Long sevice life Formula material Low metallic,Semi metallic,Ceramic Delivery time 20-60days Warranty 30000KM Packing Color packing,Customized packing Long sevice life Slotting process Chamfering design Reduce wear and maintenance of brakd disc Tank cooling and ash discharge to orevent Falling off Avoid making noise during Brake Pad For NISSAN B4Y6-33-23A 41060-01F87 41060-AX625 44060-EA090 D1060-ED500 41060-9F525 41000-10G08 41060-11C86 D1060-50Y90 44060-N8425 41060-60U90 41060-0B025 D1060-1JA0A 41060-W5625 41060-05N90 41060-32R91 41060-91255 41060-11L25 41060-0P690 AY040-NS110 D1M60-CY70B D4060-LC44A 44060-31U92 41060-0T385 41060-C7125 41060-01A25 41060-4U125 D1060-9N00A 44060-44F85 D1060-5TA0A 41060-21T90 41060-5C590 41060-C7126 41060-01A26 41060-6N091 41060-70N86 D1060-JX50B D4060-MB40A 41060-25T90 44060-50A85 41060-R9089 41060-04C85 44060-4U092 41060-6T390 D406M-S2085 44060-EA085 41060-00QAE 44060-20J85 44060-35F90 41060-D1486 41060-CG090 44060-44B90 41060-62C90 41060-05B90 44060-00QAE 41060-23P93 44060-01P91 44060-01P90 41060-7Z025 55810-50E10 D1060-50Y94 44060-99B25 41060-M0125 44060-0P692 41060-03R85 41060-2F025 44060-04U86 41060-70T85 41060-72B25 41060-32J90 41060-1N060 D1060-BM600 D1060-F6494 44060-3F025 44060-21P86 41060-37J91 D1060-3TA0A 41060-74F90 44060-0M890 D4060-MA000 41060-09W25 41060-58A86 41060-37P91 44060-AV725 D1060-3JA0A 41060-AR090 41060-0V090 41060-AA190 41060-T7891 41060-72A85 44060-32G85 41060-9X225 D1060-1PA0A 41080-75025 41060-5Y790 D4060-9N00B 06903100-0 41060-45E86 55810-58J00 D4060-VC290 D4060-1PA0A 44060-7S025 41060-54C86 44060-60U86 41060-C7090 41060-6F625 41060-ZC025 D1060-ZC60J D1060-4GA0A 41060-EA025 41060-0N685 D1060-JF20B 41060-P9690 41060-58Y85 41060-VW085 D1060-JL00A D1060-4BA0A 41060-2F525 58302-29A00 D4060-JF20A 44060-54C91 41060-32R90 41060-11C85 55810-80J51 D1060-1LB2A 41060-2N290 41060-89E92 41060-G1985 D4060-4CA0A 41060-A1125 D1060-4KH0C 41060-G3425 D1060-3XA0A 41060-VB290 D1060-1HA0A 41060-CD094 D4060-EZ60A 41060-0M892 DA06M-S1827 41060-18W25 41060-72Y00 44060-8H385 D1060-ZP00C 41060-A1485 Brake Pad For TOYOTA 04465-21010 04466-28120 04465-32010 04466-65010 04465-12320 04465-26420 04479-30180 04466-06080 04465-42080 04465-02030 04465-14140 04465-36030 04491-20062 04466-22150 04466-50060 04465-05300 04466-20090 0

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